About Me

I have been a licensed clinical mental health counselor for over 17 years. I feel honored, life has presented me the opportunity to meet and provide counseling to individuals from every walk of life in a variety of settings.

Since my first psychology class I have been interested and fascinated by human behavior. I find great fulfillment in facilitating space and guidance for individual's in their journey of personal growth and change. In recent years my love of witnessing and providing space for others journey has deepened and transformed. My own transformation is rooted in a passion for continued education and personal growth.

We will work together in this process and I welcome feedback.

I enjoy spending my free time with my family and friends. We enjoy the outdoors, playing, holidays, traveling, movie nights, sporting events, and camping. Alone time to reflect, relax, and regenerate is a necessary component of my self care.

My passion lies in working with individuals who have hit a point in their lives where it seems that their usual coping mechanisms just aren't working anymore, responsibilities of life are feeling overwhelming, entering into a life transition that is provoking intense emotional responses that may or may not include depression and anxiety, and/or who have a history of trauma.

In my experience and as a female myself, I am aware women often present mental, emotional, and spiritual struggles in unique ways that do not always fit the "mold". Men are often expected to experience life by a script that doesn't work for them or creates a lot of dissonance resulting in increased discomfort mentally, emotionally, and physically. As I enter into therapeutic relationships with clients I work to remain open to all of the variables that may be affecting your ability to live your life as an active participant and achieve the state of being you desire.

I believe that regulated and self aware individuals are vital for well balanced relationships and families. The therapeutic process is focused on ways to help individuals learn self-awareness, regulation, self-compassion, and intrinsic worth. Every being deserves to feel regulated, fulfilled, and connected.


Bachelor's in Psychology and Sociology from Weber State University Ogden, UT

Master in Clinical Counseling from the University of Phoenix SLC, UT campus


Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC)- UT

Nationally Certified Counselor (with the National Board of Certified Counselors)

Somatic Experiencing® Practioner