Counseling for Adults and Adolescents

About My Practice

My practice is located in historic Sandy, Utah. My goal is to provide an environment for individuals that is conducive to working through both internal and external conflict. I place personal emphasis on facilitating an environment of learning, healing, and growth. We will work together to identify the core belief systems and experiences that may not be hindering your ability to engage in life to the fullest extent you desire. Once identified we will process ways to cope with them in a way that will open your opportunity for a more connected, feeling, engaged, and integrated you.

Seeking out professional help is a difficult step to take. It takes courage to reach out and does not mean you are weak because you are willing to ask for support. The majority of us will seek out a medical professional for our physical ailments and illnesses but hesitate when faced with mental, emotional, and spiritual struggles. Mental, emotional, and spiritual well being is as least as important as our physical health. Our mental and emotional health directly affects our physical health and if we don't take care of our mental health our body will start to present this in the form of aches, pains, and even illness. If you or someone you love has an issue that is impeding his/her ability to function in his/her social, occupational, academic, or family life you are looking in the right place.

Many individuals wait until the problems are so invasive in their lives that there is no other option. Whether you are at this crossing point or just starting to recognize that there could be a problem, you are not alone.