Work and Services

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There are a great number of photographers in Saskatoon and area who do a fine job in the creation of flattering, soft, contemporary photos. Their work is necessary and in demand.

In a society of information overload, potential clients, customers and employers, or agencies, advertisers and other photographers (for the models Jay works with) see a plethora of images every day. Jay's desire to make a portrait that portrays well who you are, and stands out from the pages of average images, is what can help you be memorable and get that next opportunity.

Jay's meticulously stylized head shots stand out. Whether soft and elegant, or colourful, edgy and unique, he coaches his subject to the finest and most meticulous expressions to make the difference in the memorability of the image.

If it's a specific location or environment you want to be portrayed in, it can be done. Urban forest themes, like the session with Isabella Dawn, have been popular and very successful.

If the location doesn't exist, or the environment not suitable due to the time of year, or place in the world, don't for get the power of the digital world. The Creative Gallery proves that Jay is well skilled in digital compositing. The portrait, made in studio, with the right mood, feel and lighting, then composited into the environment of choice, real or digital.

Creating and telling stories, real or imagined, is Jay's favourite thing to do with his photography. Working with enthusiastic talent, skilled stylists and fantastic makeup artists makes all the difference in the enjoyment of the session and quality of the images.

If the location you wish to be part of is inaccessible or unrealistic, consider the creation of a composite image of you. A great location image, and possibly additional digital elements, can become something one of a kind. Creative portraiture is a favourite genre of Jay's.

If a creative portrait isn't unique enough for you, consider the incomparable experience of being the subject in an environment lit entirely in the ultraviolet. Jay is Saskatchewan's most experienced UV photographer and ready to hear your idea for a UV concept and turns it into an unforgettable experience and series of images.

A good photo should make the viewer feel something. Jay never tires of making people feel hungry.

Portraiture may be where his focus is, but beautifully and uniquely made food photographs have benefited a lot of clients and been satisfying to create.