Creative Portraiture

Jay's unique style comes not just in lighting, but in concepts. Much of the work he has created was his idea and much was brought to as a request. If you have an interesting theme for a shoot you want to see come to life please look at the "Lets Work Together" page and if it's a good match, we'll assemble a team and make great images together.

Ash, a Saskatoon artist, model, and friend, wanted to bring her art, of honouring the animals of the skulls on which she works, to an imagined forest setting. It was Jay's honour to be part of making the idea a reality.

Please see the complete gallery of her and her work.

Her work can be found at Essence of Ash.

Kayla, of Masala Model and Talent, endured the swarms of mosquitoes to be the Victorian bride for her collaboration with Jay, Joy of Joy Tesch Hair, and Alina of Beautify with Alina..

No shoot has had more passion, depth, affection or intensity as this one with Krista Jenke and her partner, Shane. The authenticity they exuded, the kindness and support for and of each other, and the way the rest of the world seemed to recede is not something to be forgotten, anytime soon.

Nostalgia abounded at the 90s Punk Rock collaboration. The people, wardrobe, hair, makeup, music, location and energy made for one of the most fun and memorable shoots, ever!

Sometimes the location is inaccessible, too far away, too dangerous to be near, or simply fictitious. That's where the elements can be brought together to create a realistic fantasy, even if it means being near an active volcano, wielding a meter-high fire twister, or in the middle of a raging forest fire, as Lyberty can show you further down the section.

Colourful work is another favourite way to augment reality and provides limitless options to produce unique images.

In this session with Caitlin of Masala Model and Talent, the purpose was to tell the story of a young woman, having dealt with her own struggle. Now that the ordeal has passed, she finds herself mostly content in solitude, occasionally shadowed by memories and emotions of the trial.

Immediately after the damsel in the woods session, which can be seen in the Environmental Gallery, the theme switched to pseudo steam punk vagrant, the Kinsman Park train and tracks being the center of the shoot.

A great day was had during the old tyme collaboration at the Western Development Museum. Made some fun photos and new friends.