Certainly, Jay knows how to create captivating head shots with a familiar look, while coaching to bring out that confident and approachable expression. But don't underestimate the effect of a touch of flair. As with most of his photography, unique styling is what will communicate your own distinctiveness.

The control and simplicity of the studio has it's benefits. However, a great location can add context, variety and say a lot about you, simply by being there.

Overcoming the challenges of being on location is often the catalyst for some serendipitous photos to join the carefully planned shots.

Few genres are as exciting and energizing like a great creative concept. Watching it be planned, come together, and become something unique and powerful. This includes working around Saskatchewan winters with composite work, photos combined to make a great final digital image. View the full gallery to get an idea of the wide variety of photos Jay can create for you.

Among the plentiful extraordinary photographs and abilities, elegant studio lighting does coexist. There is often appeal for the soft, clean, environment-free look, when the focus is very simply the person, wardrobe, accessories, hair and makeup.

The extent of the production process, in combination with the special makeup and props, makes Jay's UV sessions, and the resulting images, something unforgettable.

They are yet another way to leave behind the real world and enter the surreal.

Having the competence to cook a great dish, and to share it with those you care about, is made better by one thing, photographing it to make it mouth watering long after it's been enjoyed. Maybe someone else doing the dishes would also be a perk.