Documenting my projects

I have gained 1.5 years of experience in project management. My portfolio encompasses a diverse range of projects, including community initiatives, sustainability initiatives, and youth engagements. Along this journey, I have had the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals with unique passions. For me, this entire experience has been a transformative journey of being inspired by inspiring others. 

Within the Bukit Gasing State Assemblyman office, I hold the position of Strategic Projects Executive, responsible for leading a variety of projects. These projects encompass a wide range of initiatives, such as community initiatives, sustainability initiatives, and cultural festival events. 

PeBS, a Youth Engagement Body, is a program under the Selangor state government. During my tenure, I had the privilege of being appointed as the lead of the PeBS team specifically for the DUN Bukit Gasing area. 

As the team lead, I was responsible for overseeing a team of five members and coordinating various projects and initiatives aimed at engaging the youth in the Selangor region. 

Our efforts focused on implementing a diverse range of initiatives to foster stronger bonds among youths and provide different learning avenues tailored to their individual needs.