Hi, I'm Jared

I am a value-driven individual, striving my best to leave a positive impact on the people around me. 

I am a Taiping boy, I began my journey by pursuing a degree in Accounting while actively participating in student activities, competitions, and social causes. 

Throughout this journey, my focus has been on strengthening my values and continuously improving myself to become better. 

On this website, I have documented some of the interesting milestones of my projects and involvement in social causes. 

(Taiping is a Town located in Perak, Malaysia. It is not Ipoh, some of my friends always get confused ) 😉

Interesting Fact About Me

A fun-loving individual who brings joy to the people around me. 

I have a strong leg, which coincidentally aligns with my favorite forms of exercise: jogging, spinning, and swimming (specifically, using the frog style). 

Once a night owl, I am now actively transitioning into an early bird. 

However, I must admit that I used to enjoy jogging late at night, even at 11pm!  

Find out more about my projects HERE!