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What is the ONE THING you have to focus on your business, such that by completing this ONE THING, everything else becomes easy and unnecessary in 2024?

Were you caught by surprise because of the Pandemic? 

How did you respond to the sudden change of the business environment?

What did you learn about your business, marketing and selling that if implemented, will bring game-changing shifts in the results you get in your business? 


Some managed to PIVOT their businesses online and make even more money than they used to be before Pandemic.

Some were reluctant to accept the Pandemic and hope that the Old World would be back someday. 

Some took too long and too late to implement changes in their businesses and hence, become the industry followers not leaders.

Let me ask you the following questions:

Experience shows that things always change and 2022 has accelerated the rate of change in ways a lot of people could not have imagined.  It's the time to think about the lessons you have learned in 2020 and 2021, make a decision and take massive action.  

You need to create "GAME-CHANGING" strategies that work in 2022 and beyond, until they are not working. 

And NOW is the Perfect time to finally resume control, and systemise your business so that you can enjoy more consistent sales increase with less work and effort!

When it comes to making decision and taking action, we have been able to recognise that there are really 4 levels that we see people operating at.

You could think of the Red Zone as entrepreneurs are struggling, thinking that they can figure out the solution by themselves.  The thing is, being stuck at this level is sometimes not their fault.  Entrepreneurs find themselves trapped below the fear and ignorance line. It's like the system is working against them. 

Entrepreneurs in the Red Zone buy into the myth that the Pandemic kills their businesses and there is no way out.  

However, if you challenge this myth and recognise that the truth that you can learn how to PIVOT your business online, you almost immediately jump into the Amber Zone.

Of course, there are significant implications for entrepreneurs to be in the Amber Zone, the Light Green Zone, and the Dark Green Zone.   

As you look at these four Zones and think about where you are right now, and what it would be like to move to the Dark Green Zone (Killing it like a PRO!), I am wondering if it would be worth exploring exactly what that might look like.  

We actually have a really simple "ICEBERG" Model that explains it really well. 

What to Expect from Jack

Just complete the payment process and I’ll send you my complete ICEBERG Model and a complete MARKET ASSESSMENT PACKET.  Once you have made payment, you will be given a link to schedule your “Pick Jack's Brain” call.

 2 Sessions - 1 Session per month for US$750 per Session  ➡️➡️

 6 Sessions - 2 Sessions per month for US$600 per Session ➡️➡️

12 Sessions - 2 Sessions per month for US$400 per Session ➡️➡️

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