Speaking, Training and Workshop Facilitation

Let Jack Transform Your Organisation and Team

Jack has over 22 years of experience in speaking, training and workshop facilitation. 

As a student of Blair Singer (the Rich Dad Advisor for Robert Kiyosaki in the areas of Sales, Team Development and Personal Development), Jack is experienced in using accelerated learning methods and high-impact activities to drive home critical lessons to your participants.

By understanding your outcome for your participants and identifying their current challenges, Jack has the ability an experiential program your participants will LOVE and at the same time, transforms their lives during the program.  

Traditional teaching in the form of lectures does not work anymore as you may be aware.  A Certified Graduate of Blair Singer Training Academy, Jack believes behavioural change takes place in the room.  

In fact, Jack has been using the accelerated learning methods in delivering technical topics such as business ethics and taxation. Participants love the way Jack conducts these programs.  

Let Jack build and deliver the perfect program for your need.

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