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"Whatever it takes, meet him! Model him!  What Jack does works and  will you to the next level!"

Alex Mandossian

Author | Speaker | Founder of | Chief Marketing Officer of Dan Lok Education

Results Guaranteed or Money Back

Over the past ten years, I have helped over 1,000 business owners and sales professionals by transferring my proven process to negotiation, persuasion, and presentations. After completing the program, they can acquire more premium clients, increasing their results from 15% to 85%. In addition, I help them overcome self-sabotaging habits that hinder them from becoming a better version of themselves!   

What Did They Say About Jack ...

Alex Mandossian 

Author | Speaker| Marketer

Mentoring Jack from Feb 2012 to present

Blair Singer

Author | Speaker | Rich-Dad Advisor

Mentoring Jack from July 2012 to present

Edmund Tan 

Author| Entrepreneur | Real Estate Expert Advisor

Justin Teoh

Video Marketing Authority | Creator & Founder of the VideoHero System

Joel Bauer

Author | Speaker| Mentors' Mentor

Mentoring Jack from August 2014 to present

Gerry Robert

Author | Founder of Black Card Book 

Published Jack's Amazon Best-Selling Book "Cracking the Entrepreneur Code"

Dr. Nido Qubein

Author | Speaker | President of High Point University

Wayne Allyn Root

Author | TV & Radio Personality

Clare Liang

Author | Business Strategist

Rainy Lim

Author | Empowerment Coach

Esther Ng

High-Ticket Closer & Founder of a Digital Marketing Agency in Australia

Leona Tan

Sales Professional | Business Coach

Ng Siew Siew

Author | Speaker | Leadership Coach

D'Hann Ch'ng

Author | Parenting Coach | Trainer

Ellie Cocco

Digital Marketing Agency Owner in Singapore

Aw Boon Wei

Exercise Physiologist

Ceavs Chua

Business Owner | Photography Expert

Jack's coaching client in Malaysia since 2019

Cheri Tree

Author | Speaker | Founder & Chairman of Codebreaker Technologies LLC

Mentoring Jack since June 2013

Franco Tabuso


Jack's coaching client in Belgium since Feb 2020

Michaela Schupp


Jack's coaching client in Germany since Feb 2020

Edgar Pong 

Author | Speaker | Event Producer

Desmond Ong

Author | Speaker | Business Owner

Jasen Kamadjaja  

Speaker | Business Owner


Business Owner 

Jack's student in Unsinkable Mastermind

Edgar Pong 

Author | Speaker | Event Producer

Desmond Ong

Author | Speaker | Business Owner

Jasen Kamadjaja  

Speaker | Business Owner


Business Owner 

Jack's student in Unsinkable Mastermind

James Yeo

Sales Professionals

"I've known Jack for several years .... he's a fantastic trainer. We're honoured to be able to work with him."

Cheri Tree

Founder & Chairman of  Codebreaker Technologies LLC

"Jack is one of the four people I trusted the most in Asia!"

Joel Bauer

Author | Speaker | Mentor's Mentor of over 3,000 most profitable authors, speakers and trainers globally 

Book Review by Raymund Pang from Labuan, Malaysia

"In my LinkedIn course that I'm teaching with Chad Nicely, Jack is head and shoulders above the others.  The big difference I see in Jack is Implementation. Your [Alex Mandossian's] teachings and work ethic have obviously served him well."

Steve Rosenbaum

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Creator of the Flawless Followup System 

What Does Jack Specialise In?

Jack creates transformational experiences for his students, mentees, and clients. His unique blend of techniques is what he believes sets him apart from other mentors in the field to create this experience that leads people to make lasting changes and improvements not only about themselves but also their environments.

If you're reading this website, it's safe to assume you have a decent idea of who Jack is and some level of understanding of how his work helps change others' lives- even if they don't know it yet! So before we get too much further into talking about what makes our approaches so different let me give an overview.

Lead Generation

Jack is a specialist in organic lead generation strategies. He uses BANKCODE's Power Scripting method to get leads organically. This is different from other marketers and copywriters. He is valuable to companies who want an edge on their competitors or anyone who wants to grow their business without spending money on advertising or marketing firms. Jack's skillset is exceptional!

Sales & Conversion

In order to be successful in selling, you need to sell to the right people. That's why Jack teaches his clients about sales and marketing by focusing on understanding both sides of a sale -the buyer as well as the seller- so they know what their customers want before they start any negotiations.

Accountability Coaching

Jack is known in the community for being direct and driven. He helps his clients achieve their goals through high accountability and with a focus on results.

Workshop Facilitation

Jack is experienced in workshop facilitation. He regularly attends training seminars, where he learns from top-notch mentors like Blair Singer. Blair Singer is a true leader when it comes to facilitation. Jack learned everything he knows about presenting new information so he sticks by developing rapport with his delegates and getting them to believe they can do anything.

Program /Curriculum Design

Jack is a master of design and curriculum development. He has designed his top-selling programs - Master Your Stage™, SpeakerHero™, StageClosersSHEROes™ quickly and easily because he knows that the key to success in these fields is keeping things simple and easy to understand for trainers or speakers who are on stage at any time during their training sessions or presentations.


Jack has been helping people become successful public speakers and closers for years. In just six months, he helped five of his female mentees become international public speakers and closers with messages that are impossible to ignore.

LinkedIn Optimisation Strategies

Jack is a LinkedIn Profile Optimization specialist who focuses on the Social Selling Index (SSI) score, which he claims few people know about. Jack's all-time high SSI of 87 was recorded in May 2021 following his 6-step approach that has already benefited numerous users.

Systems & Automation

Jack has a lot of experience with businesses. He worked at the largest international accounting firm and law firms for a long time. He learned how to take care of all sorts of clients, both large and small.

Most entrepreneurs know that it is important for them to build systems in their businesses, but they don't want to do so because it feels like there are always more pressing things on their plates. Jack has been able to translate his 17-year experience as an entrepreneur into knowledge about what works best for various types of companies by building out scalable models with strong process orientation during some major transitions within both organizations.

Team Building and Code of Honour 

Many business leaders believe that building a team is essential for their business. Jack has a unique process that helps his clients build teams without any conflicts. He does this by using the TetraMap™ Elements of Nature and Blair Singer's Code of Honour process.

"I highly recommend Jack.  He is among those licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming."

Dr. Richard Bandler

Co-Creater of Neuro-Linguistic Programming 

Meet Jack H.M. Wong

Jack is a serial entrepreneur and an Amazon best-selling author of Cracking the Entrepreneur Code. He has also published 44 other books –  Creating Customers for Life, Essentials of Expatriate Tax, and The 7-Figure Closing System.

Jack has a lot of experience. He has a double degree in law and accounting and 2 Master Degrees (M.B.A. and Master of Laws). Jack spent his first 17 years working as an international tax consultant and lawyer in an international accounting and law firm.

Jack left the corporate world in June 2011 and started his own business. He did business consulting, helping his corporate clients and other high-level individuals.

Jack is a workshop facilitator with more than 25 years of experience. He has run many in-house workshops and spoken at public conferences for his former employers. Now, he offers customized training and workshops in international tax, business ethics, sales & closing, entrepreneurship strategies, and personal development topics.

Jack has trained over 221 people in Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore to run their programs and make offers to their ideal prospects. This training is through Jack's programs - Master Your Stage™, SpeakerHero™, and StageCloserSHEROes™.

Jack worked with several well-known speakers and influencers during the epidemic, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Claude Silver, Dr. John Demartini, Brian Tracy, Marshall Thurber, D.C. Cordova, and Kevin Harrington. They all worked together on several virtual summits: the Unstoppable Virtual Summit (2020), Changemakers Virtual Summit (2020), Women Changemakers' Virtual Summit (2022), and A.C.E. Parenting Virtual Summit (2022).

Jack worked with his female mentees for six months in 2020 to create a platform that would allow them to become global speakers.

Even though Jack has four university degrees, he knows he can always learn more. He seeks mentors to help him learn, including Alex Mandossian, Blair Singer, Joel Bauer, and Dan Lok.

Jack is one of the few Singapore people licensed to train in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He has been endorsed by Dr. Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP. Jack is also a certified & licensed trainer with BANKCODE, a certified trainer and leader of Blair Singer Training Academy, and a Master TetraMap Facilitator with TetraMap International.

Jack has a solid foundation and ability to approach various business issues. He used the Accelerated Learning Method he learned from Blair Singer and experienced linguistics, phone-closing skills, and stage-closing techniques. Jack's mission is to improve the quality of students' and clients' lives through the process developed in his training programs and proven business processes, regardless of his teaching or facilitating topic.

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