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"Whatever it takes, meet him! Model him! What Jack does works and will you to the next level!"

Alex Mandossian

Author, Speaker and World Renowned Marketer

Results Guaranteed or Money Back

Over the last 9 years, I helped over 1,000 of business owners and sales professionals by transferring my proven process and skills in negotiation, persuasion and presentation so that they can acquire more premium clients, increase their sales results from 15% to 85% in a matter of 6 weeks or less. More importantly, they become a better version of themselves by overcoming their lower self / self-sabotaging habits.

What Did They Say About Jack ...

Alex Mandossian

Author | Speaker| Marketer

Mentoring Jack from Feb 2012 to present

Blair Singer

Author | Speaker | Rich-Dad Advisor

Mentoring Jack from July 2012 to present

Edmund Tan

Author| Entrepreneur | Real Estate Advisor

Justin Teoh

Video Marketing Authority | Creator & Founder of the VideoHero System

Joel Bauer

Author | Speaker| Mentors' Mentor

Mentoring Jack from August 2014 to present

Gerry Robert

Author | Founder of Black Card Book

Published Jack's Amazon Best-Selling Book "Cracking the Entrepreneur Code"

Dr. Nido Qubein

Author | Speaker | President of High Point University

Wayne Allyn Root

Author | TV & Radio Personality

Clare Liang

Author | Business Strategist

Rainy Lim

Author | Empowerment Coach

Jack's Coaching client in Singapore since Dec 2020

Esther Ng

High-Ticket Closer

Leona Tan

Sales Professional

Ng Siew Siew

Author | Speaker | Leadership Coach

D'Hann Ch'ng

Author | Parenting Coach | Trainer

Ellie Cocco

Digital Marketing Business Owner

Aw Boon Wei

Exercise Physiologist

Ceavs Chua

Business Owner | Photography Expert

Cheri Tree

Author | Speaker | Founder & Chairman of Codebreaker Technologies LLC

Mentoring Jack since June 2013

Franco Tabuso


Jack's coaching client in Belgium since Feb 2020

Michaela Schupp


Jack's coaching client in Germany since Feb 2020

Edgar Pong

Author | Speaker | Event Producer

Desmond Ong

Author | Speaker | Business Owner

Jasen Kamadjaja

Speaker | Business Owner


Business Owner

Jack's student in Unsinkable Mastermind

"I've known Jack for several years .... he's a fantastic trainer. We're honoured to be able to work with him."


Founder & Chairman of Codebreaker Technologies LLC

Book Review by Raymund Pang from Labuan, Malaysia

What Does Jack Specialise In?

We are assuming that if you are browsing this website, you have some ideas about what Jack does with a view to creating transformational experience and results for his students, mentees and clients. However, just in case we are wrong, the following will give you some ideas of what Jack does.


Lead Generation

Jack specialises in organic lead generation strategies using the Power Scripting method under the proprietary B.A.N.K. methodology that separates him from typical marketers and copywriters.

Sales & Conversion

Sales equals income. If you don't know how to sell, you have no money in your pocket. Unlike other sales trainers teaching the clients how to sell, Jack specialises in teaching his clients to understand why the customers would say "YES" using the propriety B.A.N.K. methodology.

Coaching with Accountability

Jack is known in the community to be ruthlessly compassionate (aka being blunt and direct, and result-driven). This makes Jack uniquely qualified as a coach who ensures that his clients will get the results they deserve with high degree of accountability.

Workshop Facilitation

A workshop facilitator since 2000, Jack is experienced in what he does when facilitating a workshop. Being trained by Blair Singer, Jack truly understands and practises world-class facilitation by making learning easy for the participants and bringing the best out of them.

Program /Curriculum Design

Jack has a unique gift to design highly interactive and engaging program and curriculum for trainers and speakers. On record, he designed his 4-day MASTER YOUR STAGE and 5-day SPEAKERHERO in just 10 minutes, and he created the pitch for his POWERCASTER in merely 5 minutes.

Speakers & StageClosers Training

Since 2018, Jack has already created 116 Speakers and STAGECLOSERS who are able to stand on stage (both online & offline) to share their messages, and make irresistible offers. He turned the latest 5 female mentees to be international speakers in just 6 months.

LinkedIn Optimisation Strategies

Jck specialises in LinkedIn Profile Optimisation Strategies by focusing on the LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) Score which literally no LinkedIn experts or marketers talk about except Jack's mentors. Jack achieved his all-time high SSI Score of 83 in November 2020. His 6-step formula has already helped a number of LinkedIn users to optimise their profiles and manage to close business deals on LinkedIn.

Systems & Automation

Most entrepreneurs understand the importance of building systems in their business but hate to do it. Jack has the unique ability to system business processes using his 17-year corporate experiences from the world largest international accounting firm and the world largest international law firm.

Team Building and Code of Honour

Business is a team sport and building a team is recognised by many business leaders as a mission-critical exercise. It's a liar if your trainer says he can help your team to eliminate conflicts in totality. Jack has a unique process by integrating the TetraMap Elements of Nature and Blair Singer's Code of Honour process to help his clients to build a champion team and create the synergistic effect (i.e. 1+1 = 4).

"I highly recommend Jack. He is among those licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming."

Dr. Richard Bandler

Co-Creater of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Meet Jack HM Wong

Jack HM Wong is the author of Amazon bestselling book Cracking the Entrepreneur Code: 7 Tips to Build the Business You Always Wanted. He has been featured on CBS News, Fox, ABC News and NBC News. His mission is to improve the quality of lives of over 1 million people worldwide, including employees who are stuck in the rat race by helping them to realise that they can start any businesses using his 7 principles as discussed in his book to gain money and time freedom.

A serial entrepreneur and a business strategist with more than 25 years of international tax experience, Jack’s expertise includes helping other authors, speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants by turning their brilliant ideas in their head into tangible and viable business structures with proper documentation that are transferable, duplicable and replicable

A sales expert with over 22 years of under fire experience and a Licensed Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming®, Jack has also trained over 1,000 business owners & entrepreneurs worldwide on the secrets, the science and the system on how they can supercharge their sales revenue by up to 300% in nanoseconds using a proven system endorsed by San Francisco State University.

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