Using Our Grounds

What the Property Offers

Since we received the property as a generous private gift in 1973, members of the Lois Green-Sligo Chapter have worked hard to both maintain the land’s natural beauty, as well as to utilize conservation methods that have preserved the land, and prepared it to be a self-sustaining environment for years to come.

Soil stabilization, water controls, tree planting, the construction of a one acre pond and a new bow hunting program to control the deer herd are just some of the methods used to contribute to the health and vitality of the land and resident wildlife. The success of these measures made our Chapter grounds something of a showcase of conservation methods to other organizations, agencies, and private landowners.

Today, the 63.5 acres of the Lois Green-Sligo Chapter offer members and visitors a variety of landscapes and activities. Dense woods, wild berries and nuts, groves of pine, rolling fields and the pond represent many of the natural environments that used to be so plentiful in the region, and are home to a wide range of plant and animals.

The property also offers facilities that make gatherings, large and small, convenient and pleasurable. An expansive pavilion with a concrete floor is the cornerstone of the grounds. Plenty of picnic tables, electricity, ample and convenient parking, and bathrooms satisfy the needs for almost any outdoor activity. A horseshoe pit, an open field that can be used for softball, and fishing, available to licensed anglers, add recreational opportunities to an event.

The property has been used for corporate picnics, family reunions, a variety of scouting events, and even several weddings. If you are interested in using our facilities to host an event in exchange for a small donation, please see below.

Getting a Permit for Group Activities

In order to use our Grounds for a group activity a permit must first be received from the Chapter's Liaison Officer. In order to receive a permit, an application must be filled out and mailed to the Liaison Officer at the address located on the permit. If you do not have the means to print out an application please contact Anita Stonebraker at 240-832-0251 or send an email to You can view our reservations calendar by clicking here.

Open printable PDF version of permit application

The application must reach the Chapter Liaison Officer at least two weeks prior to the desired date. The Lois Green-Sligo Chapter, Izaak Walton League of America, Inc. must be notified of any change in plans at least seven days in advance of the planned activity.

Donations (Made Payable to LGS-IWLA) must accompany permit applications. Average Donation of $2 per person, with a minimum of $100 for groups of 50 or less is suggested. Donations will be refunded if notified of cancellation 7 days prior to event. A security deposit of an additional $75 is required. The security deposit will be refunded if, upon inspection, the premises are left as found. Groups larger than 30 will be charged a $20 septic fee (per day) unless porta-johns are provided. If this is the case, our bathrooms will be locked. If porta-johns are provided and the group would still like the use of the bathrooms, the septic fee applies. Trash must be removed by permit holder. Failure to remove your trash will result in the forfeiture of your security deposit. Please provide the donation and the security deposit as separate checks in order to facilitate prompt refunding of the security deposit.

Bow Hunting on the Grounds

Only Chapter members and their guests are allowed to bow hunt on the Chapter Grounds. Hunting is limited to bow hunting season as determined by the state, and a state license must be carried by all hunters. (Please read more about The LGSC Bow Hunting Program and applicable regulations.)

Chapter Grounds Regulations

Please see Rules and Regulations page