Rules and Regulations

The purpose of this organization is to be the “Defenders of the soil, air, woods, waters and wildlife” as well as to provide a place for families, friends and ourselves to come enjoy its facilities.

For this reason, it is necessary to set down these rules and regulations in order that our meeting room, pavilion, pond and grounds will always be available.

The care and up keep of this conservation park is accomplished by the hard, untiring work of our Chapter members. PLEASE KEEP IT NICE.

These rules and regulations may be changed from time to time by the Board of Directors.


All persons using the property are expected to provide their own trash bags and remove their own trash from the premises upon departure. Please, if you see trash on the property, pick it up.


Guests are to supply their own toilet paper, paper towels and trash bags.

Parking Lot

Ample parking is available near the pavilion. Park only in spaces provided.

Pavilion, Grills, and Rest Rooms

The grills may be used for normal cooking. Both charcoal and propane grills are available for use. However, you must bring your own supply of propane, charcoal, and lighter fluid. No fires may be built anywhere else on the grounds or in the woods, except at the fire ring or with prior approval of the Board of Directors. Please keep pavilion rest rooms clean, and close and lock the doors upon departure. Please report any malfunctioning of plumbing or electric to caretaker or Chapter’s Liaison Officer.

Fish Pond

The State of Maryland Game and Inland Fish regulations apply at all times. All anglers, including Chapter members, 16 years or older must have a State of Maryland Fishing License. Any member of this Chapter, State or County Law Enforcement has the privilege to request to see your fishing license and restrict your fishing if these rules are not carried out. No live scaled bait is allowed. We request that you release your catch.

NO SWIMMING, WADING, BOATING OR ICE SKATING is allowed in the pond at any time.

Nature Trail

There will be NO equestrian travel permitted on the nature trail. The use of trail (dirt) bikes, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, ATVs, or any other motor vehicles is prohibited on the property. Violators may be punishable by law.


Dogs are welcome on the property. However, dogs must be on a leash or under strict voice control. Dogs caught chasing wildlife may be ticketed by the police, and the Board may rescind the member’s right to bring his/her dog on the property.

Meeting Room (For member use only and by prior arrangement)

Leave the Meeting Room clean and orderly. Clean the kitchenette counter-top and table tops with a disinfecting solution. Floors are to be “broom cleaned”. Clean all spills on floor with a mop and disinfecting solution. Rest room is to be cleaned with a disinfecting solution. Remove trash from premise.

General Rules

Do not throw or leave paper, fruit skins, bottles or other rubbish anywhere except in the receptacles provided.

Do not indulge in riotous, boisterous, threatening, or indecent conduct or use abusive, threatening or profane language.

Alcoholic beverages are permitted on the property when an organized group is present. The group leader must inform the Chapter that alcohol will be consumed at time of application. The group leader is responsible for the conduct of its members. Any infraction of the preceding rules may result in the loss or suspension of privileges.