Beat Motel

Beat Motel was published by Andrew Culture and ran for ten issues. Self-described as being the world’s natural home to knob gags. Won ‘zine of the year’ in Big Cheese Magazine.

The format followed a traditional ‘Maximum Rock N Roll‘ punk zine format of intro, columns, interviews, articles and reviews.

Beat Motel had contributors from around the globe, providing content that gave each issue a word count in the high tens of thousands. Each issue carried a (sometimes vague) theme with many hidden messages and a zero-tolerance to in-jokes that didn’t quite translate to reality. Content was global with an affectionate nod to the happenings in Ipswich.

Beat Motel was active between 2005 and 2010 and ran for ten issues. The zine was sold locally at The Steamboat and Out of Time Records and sold all around the world by punk distros, including the legendary ‘Stick Institute’ in Australia. Copies were also sold through the CornDog Publishing distro.

The zine was created in Adobe InDesign (with earlier issues being created in MS Publisher) and came in for criticism for the fact it was created using a computer, instead of with scissors and glue. All issues were printed by the Footprinters worker collective in Leeds.

An eleventh issue was published in October 2011 as a short-run contribution sold at a fund-raiser for the ‘Sticky Institute‘ in Australia. The 11th edition did not follow the format of previous issues of Beat Motel and contained only short stories written by editor Andrew Culture.

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