The Blank Generation Collective

A loose collection of Ipswich’s gig going public dedicated to putting on affordable gigs around Ipswich. People took on different roles depending on their skills, availability and willingness, including door duties, booking bands, treasury, mixing, publicity etc. All participants were seen as equally important as each other, regardless of scale of roles undertaken. Mostly gigs were held at The Steamboat Tavern, but other venues such as The Manor Ballroom were used for bigger bands. Those involved changed over time, and different participants with different music tastes within the collective organised their own gigs under the Blank Generation banner. After bands were paid, all profit were pooled with the intention of putting together a Blank Generation Collective PA system, which slowly built up over time.

Active circa 1999–2004 (confirmation needed).

Gigs included: Red Flag 77, UK Subs, Alternative TV, Bearsuit, Secret Hairdresser, Aqua Vista, Attila The Stockbroker, TV Smith, Citizen Fish, Dawn Parade, Miss Black America, Geoff Berner, Violent Playground, Earth Mother Fucker, Pindown, Chocolate, Transmission, Anti-Hero, El Spoonio, Clean, Zeeb, Ruts DC, Guitar Gangsters, Chris TT, Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah, Khe Sanh Approach, Newtown Kings, Victoria Lucas, The Nightingales among many, many others.

More information needed.