The Ugly Truth About Ipswich

Compilation album released jointly by Corndog Records and Antigen records. The Ugly Truth About Ipswich documents a roughly thirty year period of the Ipswich Music scene.

The money for the release was raised by ER… promotions and Marc Newby via a series of special events and gigs.

Album details

antigen 41 / Corn 017 Various Artists – The Ugly Truth About Ipswich

Release date: 23/4/11

Format: double CD

Edition: 1000

Duration: 2:33:50

Track listing: CD A

1.Nik Kershaw – All About You

2.elephant – Kick

3.Henry Homesweet – Toaster

4.The Waxing Captors – Bringing the Beatles Back to Hamburg

5.Versions – Seven

6.Ideals – Love Song

7.Life & Times Of – Ballet

8.Jack Rundell – You Treat Me Like a Businessman

9.The B. Goodes – Sleep So Soundly

10.Rosalita – Manga Girl

11.Underline The Sky – Katie

12.Charlie Brown – Hooray For Snakes

13.Violent Playground – Paranoia

14.Bring Back Her Head – Magpie

15.Hex Minora – Engine of Correction

16.Earth Mother Fucker – I Fuck Therefore I Am

17.Pindown – Flea Circus

18.Tender Lugers – Junkie Fag Hag

19.Jah Warriors – Bad Vibes

20.BangStick – I Got Nothing

21.These Are End Times – End Times (We Are All Condemned)

Track listing: CD 1

1.The Adicts – Songs of Praise

2.Extreme Noise Terror – Religion is Fear

3.Optimum Wound Profile – Pure Love

4.The Stupids – Drumshop Arsehole

5.Anihilated – A Cruel Twist of Fate

6.Raw Noise – Bronson

7.Blacktop Harrison – 37 Thoughts

8.Zeeb? – Amoeba Man

9.Red Flag 77 – Hard Men

10.Chocolate – Customer

11.Big Ray – Duckpin

12.Elmerhassel – Almost At One

13.Panorama In Black – City of Dreams

14.As Is – Love is Here

15.Bleach – Burn

16.Lovejunk – Inside Out

17.Perfect Daze – Bubblegum

18.Junk Culture – Keep Smiling

19.WhiteSlug – Corned Beef Sex Monster

20.Big In Albania – Shewolves Ov London

21.Cats Against The Bomb – Nerys Hughes Vs The Time Tunnel

22.Danger’s Close – Denial

23.Space Maggots – You Drag Me Down

24.The Ballistics – Long Time Dead

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