Grand Theft Ippo III

A compilation album released in 2003 by CornDog Records showcasing some of the Ipswich bands around at the time. The CDR was presented in a DVD case with graphics more than a little inspired by the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ computer game. In some ways Grand Theft Ippo was the seed sown that flourished into the flower that was ‘The Ugly Truth About Ipswich‘ compilation.

The Tracklisting

Sinfonic – Jive Motherf****r

Immortal Alice – Funeral Pinjatas

Red Fag 77 – How Low

Junk Culture – Going Home (as seen on TV)

LoveJunk – Distant Sound

Minority – Caffeine For The Pain

Rosco – Capital Star

Nemo – My Fantasy

Violent Playground – Years

Ok Hotel – Frontcrawl

Sinfonic – Jimmy’s House

Minority – Deadbeat

one:day:life – Chasing Amy

Rosco – Test Drive

Violent Playground – Paranoia

Junk Culture – Headline

LoveJunk – Closing Time

Immortal Alice – Obvious

Red Fag 77 – Moving on Top

Nemo – Junkstars

There was no Grand Theft Ippo I or II.


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