2020 International School Band Camp NORWAY

Welcome to the website of the 2020 International School Band Camp NORWAY. This will be the first annual summer band camp organized by professional musicians and international educators based in Norway.

Band Camp aims to provide a week of musical growth. Middle and High School students are eligible to participate, without a required audition. They will be placed according to playing ability in order to provide a good and challenging musical experience.

We work for international school participants, but any student with a year playing experience and between the age of 11 and 19 may participate with the understanding that English will be the instructional language.

The organization aims to create a positive and cooperative atmosphere allowing students to explore as well as grow musically and personally in a safe environment.

For more information, please feel free to browse the website and contact us at: internationalschoolbandcamp@gmail.com

Services for Students

We do not discriminate any disabilities. All students are welcome to participate. We do need to know more specifics in advance in order to make sure that students have the opportunity to participate at their fullest and with great enjoyment. This can relate to both physical and psychological challenges. Please e-mail us with specifics, and we will make sure to make the necessary accommodations and keep your information confidential.