Higher Education Work

Kelly Hogan and Viji Sathy are both award winning STEM instructors with a combined 30+ years in the classroom. They are passionate about student success, equity, and inclusion in the classroom. They have expertise on inclusive techniques and active learning in any size crowd, because both have significant experience teaching hundreds of students at a time. On their campuses, they lead innovative classroom, curriculum, and diversity initiatives that benefit all students, faculty, and staff. Both Kelly and Viji have shared their work with faculty through hands-on workshops at hundreds of institutions. Both have been featured experts in ACUE's Course on Teaching Effectiveness, have been active in the scholarship of teaching and learning in their respective disciplines of biology and statistics, and their work has been featured in a number of national publications such as The Chronicle of Higher Education and the New York Times.

Kelly Hogan, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Biology at Duke University.

By demonstrating the effectiveness of her methods in large lecture classes, her work has received national attention in publications such as The New York Times, The Atlantic and Insight Diversity

Hogan has coached many faculty to help them re-imagine their teaching and she has also shared her techniques with educators from institutions across the state and nation. Her teaching has also impacted a student audience far beyond those in her UNC-Chapel Hill classes. As the co-author of several biology textbooks (Campbell Biology’s Concepts and Connections and Essential Biology), Hogan has reached hundreds of thousands of students globally. She has also been recognized by her students through 11 different campus, state and national awards for teaching, mentoring and advising. Hogan was the commencement speaker for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2015. She has been a driver of STEM institutional reform to ensure that introductory science courses are welcoming and inclusive and utilize high structure, active learning. Hogan completed her undergraduate degree in biology at The College of New Jersey in Ewing, New Jersey (B.S. 1996) and earned her doctorate from UNC-Chapel Hill (Ph.D. 2001).

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Viji Sathy, PhD, is a Professor of the Practice in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, Associate Dean of Evaluation and Assessment, and Director of the Townsend Program for Education Research.  

Sathy is actively involved in instructional innovation and assisting colleagues in promoting evidence-based educational practices. She speaks to many groups nationally on the flipped classroom in higher education. Her research involves evaluating the impact of innovative teaching techniques as well as retention in STEM courses. Sathy is also the Program Evaluator of the Chancellor’s Science Scholars an adaptation of the Meyerhoff Scholarship at the University of Maryland Baltimore County that has successfully increased representation of underrepresented students in STEM PhDs. She teaches quantitative courses: statistical principles in psychological research and research methods. She is the recipient of numerous teaching awards, including the Tanner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Education and the campus’ Student’s choice for Best Professor at UNC. Prior to her current position at UNC, she worked at the College Board conducting research on the SATs and non-cognitive predictors of college success. Sathy completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC (B.S. 1996). Based largely on the experience she had in her undergraduate statistics course, she went on to earn her doctorate in psychometrics from UNC-Chapel Hill (Ph.D. 2003).

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K-12 Work and Professional Development

Kumar Sathy, M.S.A., is a Teacher at the Carolina Friends School in Chapel Hill, NC. 

Kumar Sathy graduated from Earlham College with a degree in Biopsychology, and received a Masters in School Administration from UNC Chapel Hill. In addition to having taught in K-5 public school classrooms in the U.S. and the International Baccalaureate (IB) and inquiry model in the Middle East, Kumar has also taught middle school math and honors math. He has been an Assistant Principal and mentor teacher, directed an educational nonprofit agency, and authored an award-winning series of educational children’s books aligned to state and national curriculum standards. He has facilitated sessions about mathematical mindsets, compliment cultures, and building equitable classrooms at professional development workshops in the U.S. and abroad. Kumar has also authored pedagogical content for a variety of educational publications about compliments in the classroom, reading comprehension, parent involvement, and helping kids cope with test anxiety. He currently teaches at the Hillsborough Elementary School in NC.

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