Workshops offered:

  • Inclusive Teaching (90 minutes)

Teaching strategies that emphasize structured active learning can create more equitable classrooms and improve learning for all students. As an introduction to inclusive teaching techniques, Professors Kelly Hogan and Viji Sathy of the University of North Carolina will ask participants to reflect on inequities and diversity in their classrooms through interactive, hands-on activities. After providing a framework for inclusive design and their own research results, Hogan and Sathy will lead participants through active learning exercises and case studies that explore inclusive techniques. Drawing upon their own teaching experiences and educational research, they will model approaches that can be readily implemented with any discipline or class size to help all students achieve to their potentials.

  • Difficult Conversations (90 minutes)

Have a conversation you need facilitated by experts who can ensure all voices are being heard? We can work with you to customize the prompts for the discussion. We bring the techniques and structure to the facilitation to ensure the environment feels safe for all voices to be heard.

  • Become a Better Facilitator for Group Discussions (60-90 minutes)

Need to facilitate difficult conversations? Let us show leaders at your institution or organization how to bring structure to the discussion to ensure the environment feels safe for all voices to be heard.

  • Inclusive techniques for faculty or business meetings

This interactive workshop brings awareness to the power dynamics that keep some members of the faculty or organization from fully participating. Through group activities, we empower the group to adopt techniques we model to immediately bring more equity to meetings and harness the power of the diversity in the room.

  • Leveling the K-12 Playing Field by Building Equitable Learning Environments (faculty meetings or PD sessions)

This interactive workshop is modeled after the Inclusive Teaching workshop, but modified for K-12 environments and designed to assist teachers and school administrators interested in seeing the techniques in action. It is co-facilitated by an educator experienced in elementary/secondary instruction and school administration. Follow-up in-class observations and consultations are available.

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Testimonials about our workshops

The interactive workshop “Structuring the Classroom for Inclusive Teaching” is a fantastic opportunity for faculty and others who teach to get hands-on experience and ideas for more inclusive teaching. We’ve brought Drs. Hogan and Sathy to Duke twice, and each time faculty were enthusiastic about the practical, easy -to-implement techniques to use with their own students.

Andrea Novicki, Academic Technology Consultant, Duke University

"The initial group exercise illustrated systemic inequality very well -- and in a non-threatening (I thought) way. That's an exercise that I think I can modify to use with my colleagues and students when the opportunity arises."

Anonymous Participant in the Inclusive Teaching Workshop

We needed help to enliven the courses our students find most challenging and least interesting - statistics and research methods. We were hopeful when we discovered Dr. Viji Sathy. Honored by students and others for her teaching, especially in these courses, she has also distinguished herself as a teacher of teachers. So on paper she was a perfect fit for us. Her workshop exceeded our hopes. It was enlightening and fun to engage in the same kinds of "learning by doing together" that we want to see with our own students. Faculty from several disciplines came away with an abundance of immediately useful ideas and resources and, more importantly, a different approach to fostering learning in these difficult courses - one that features lively, stimulating, and thoughtful engagement. I began redesigning my stats course during her workshop, and continuing that work is the most fulfilling thing I do each day as a faculty member.

Pat Williams, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Houston Downtown

"I am currently putting together an application package and would like to cite your work in my Diversity statement.... Thank you so much for your work - it has given me some very clear, attainable objectives in course design and teaching."

-Workshop participant

When we ask participants one thing they would do after the workshop, they demonstrate a lot of learning.

Students in inclusive classrooms say things like

“I really liked being "forced" to sit and communicate with people we didn't know before coming into the class…it allowed us to gain different perspectives on the material and allowed us to always have people to work through problems with, especially for people that came into the class without knowing anyone.”

“I'm also a transfer student and already felt behind and kind of alone when I got here. Sitting with the same people and working with them every class was a really cool thing. We are now friends and I feel comfortable talking to them about anything in the class. Without them, I might've been too shy to have any allies in class, so having them as friends has been so helpful. Thank you for making me comfortable in the classroom and confident in my own voice and contributions.”