Why should I send my child to Impact?

If you want your child to have...

  1. World-class Bible teaching geared for teens,
  2. A packed week of extreme fun,
  3. A staff who is loving and caring,

...then Camp Impact is your choice!

How much is camper registration?

Impact 2019 registration is $340. Since our inception, Camp Impact has set prices that are the lowest anywhere. We do not pay our staff. Rather, the staff pay to work here so that campers can pay the lowest price possible to attend! Contact Kristin Stiles for registration information.

Is Impact an evangelism or discipleship camp?

It is both. The teachings are geared to build up young believers and emphasize gospel truth, power, and conversion. The Bible is prominent! Check out sermons from last year.

How many teens attend camp at one time?

We average about 140 teens, both boys and girls.

How do you keep order in a co-ed camp?

Boys and Girls cabins are in separate areas of campsite with staff supervision in each cabin. The Impact staff enforce rules to ensure appropriate behavior at all times. Rules such as; modesty, curfews, restrictions that prohibit unseemly conduct, and no dating. This eliminates awkwardness and enables everyone to have a good time.

What is your camp discipline policy?

All campers must sign a Code of Conduct and agree to obey the camp rules. In case of a violation, a staff member will gently but firmly give a verbal warning. If the camper persists, he or she will be given a short time-out from camp activities. If the behavior has still not improved, that camper will be taken to one of the Camp Directors. In rare cases where persistent behavior infringes upon the safety and well-being of other campers, such a camper will be sent home at the discretion of the directors.

Who are the staff and what's the staff/camper ratio?

Our staff is carefully selected according to high standards. Each person who serves as staff is prayerfully selected to serve in a way that best utilizes the gifts that God has given them. A staff member must have a good testimony, be well equipped in God's Word, and must be recommended by faithful pastors of sound theology. Staff are overseen by several Youth and Senior Pastors from various churches. No staff member is here for the money. Rather, the staff pay a registration fee each year to be part of the fun and work with the campers. The average staff/camper ratio Impact tries to maintain is one staff per four campers (1/4).

How safe will my child be at camp?

Camper safety is high priority at Camp Impact. We have certified lifeguards, medical personnel and head pastors of various churches providing guidance. Please read over our camp policies for more information.

Will my child be isolated or lonely?

No. As a team member, they will instantly become befriended and involved as they jointly participate in Impact fun! Campers are free to be with their friends during meals and free time.

How can I contact my child at camp, or in an emergency?

Cell service at camp is practically non-existent and internet/email access is quite spotty. There is a camp phone available for your child to call you, and in case you need to reach them in emergencies, the Camp Sentinel number (603-539-4839) is the fastest way to contact them. Messages on that phone number are regularly checked and will be quickly relayed to the staff.

Are there preparations made for my child's medical needs and food allergies?

Our licensed nurse and assistants take great care in watching out for all such needs, along with an infirmary building that is equipped to administer medicine and provide lodging for any ill child. Please be sure to record your child's food allergies and other relevant medical information on the camper health form. The Camp Sentinel kitchen staff is devoted to providing complete and nourishing meals for campers with food allergies and dietary restrictions. They have a separate area of the kitchen for preparing gluten-free meals and all special meals are served at a separate window to ensure that campers get the correct food for their needs.