Mission Statement

Camp Impact has been successful because God has been pleased to bless us though saving youth, reviving hearts, and building relationships! The Camp directors are careful to pick gifted Bible teachers who are sound in doctrine and faithful in their lives. The chosen themes and topics center upon the glory of God, the centrality of the Cross, and the Sovereignty of God!

As a Christian Teen Camp, we are committed to the Doctrines of Grace and to a clear and faithful presentation of the Gospel. Throughout the week, campers are provided with a rich and supportive environment to examine their lives and form solid friendships—all in the context of God’s Word.

Impact's incredibly low tuition ($325) is another factor that allows families with low incomes or insufficient funds to be able to afford the set price. Since our inception, Camp Impact has set prices that are the lowest anywhere.

Our advice for anyone wanting to know more about the camp is to contact Impact alumni, and ask them what they think of it.

Though the Camp is filled with fun, games, and laughter, the overarching emphasis is upon God's Word and the power of His Spirit to change lives!