Camp Policies

The primary purpose of Camp Impact is to challenge teens by the preaching of the Gospel!

We seek to do this by:

  1. Carefully selecting godly men and women who know God’s truth and understand the Scriptures to serve in camp. Each person who serves as staff is prayerfully selected to serve in a way that best utilizes the gifts that God has given them.
  2. Impact is centered on sound exposition of God's word. There is one session of worship and teaching in the morning, and another in the evening. The camp directors decide on a Bible theme, and speakers are assigned message topics accordingly. This results in Bible teaching that is both organized and progressive.
  3. The camp is divided into teams (small groups), which are kept to an optimal size of 10–12 campers and 2–3 counselors.
  4. Right after the worship and teaching sessions, the teams meet with their leaders to discuss the message and answer specific questions provided by the speaker. The teams form unity through competition, cooperative games, and honest discussion safeguarded by trust. What is said in the discussion group stays in the group, unless for obvious reasons it must be made known to the directors. Counselors may decide to break teams out occasionally into smaller groups, or by gender depending on the subject to facilitate unhindered sharing.
  5. The camp has a robust schedule which features organized games, free time to rest and/or enjoy lakeside activities and incredible outdoor fun such as: canoeing, water trampoline, zip line, tree swing, volleyball court, basketball court, GAGA pit, Ultimate Frisbee, pool table, carpet ball, tether-ball, soccer, and more! The day runs typically from 8:00am to 11:00pm, with three 1 hour meals, and 2–3 hours of additional free time spread throughout the day.
  6. We believe in providing excellent food to nourish campers and staff alike. Meals are delicious and balanced, and a salad bar is available at every meal. We also ensure that campers are properly hydrated throughout the day to avoid heat related illness or mishaps. The Camp Sentinel kitchen staff is devoted to providing complete and nourishing meals for campers with food allergies and dietary restrictions. They have a separate area of the kitchen for preparing gluten-free meals and all special meals are served at a separate window to ensure that campers get the correct food for their needs. Our "Snack Bah" is also provided to keep children hydrated and energized during the afternoon free time. Children can purchase snacks and energy drinks with their Snack Bah cards, which are pre-purchased at registration or at camp.
  7. Camp Impact is staffed with a full time nurse to address any medical emergencies, administer prescribed and over-the-counter medicine, and tend to bumps and bruises.
  8. Safety of the children is our primary concern throughout the camp. We accomplish this by ensuring that children are never anywhere without counselor oversight. We account for campers by decentralizing supervision to the team leaders who must know the teen’s whereabouts at all times. Team leaders report to the directors when necessary. Staff members are assigned to monitor all of the areas of the grounds where students may be during the day. Our high three-to-one camper to staff ratio, allows us to ensure the safety of campers, while also encouraging interaction between our caring counselors and the campers. This has provided countless opportunities for both fun times and heart-felt discussions.

Camp Impact is incredibly fun, but also spiritually and physically challenging. We thank and give God all the glory and praise for how He has used this camp over the years to draw many unto Him!