ICPE 2018

The First International Conference on Press-in Engineering 2018, Kochi

September 19-21, 2018

Kochi, Japan


International Press-in Association is pleased to invite you to The First International Conference on Press-in Engineering (IPCE), to be held at Kochi University of Technology, on September 19-21, 2018.

This conference aims at providing interactive platform for the engineers and technicians in related fields, such as, geotechnical engineering, mechanical engineering, and urban and/or rural construction engineering, and so forth.


Growing necessity for maintenance and renovation of complexed urban infrastructures and the increasing vulnerability to natural disasters in developed countries, as well as the urgent demand for quantitative expansion of basic infrastructures in developing countries in Asia and other regions, are the challenges that the present global society is faced with. Under the unstable economic situation surrounding the world, infrastructures and their construction processes have to be rationalized.

Potential for providing solutions for these challenges can be found in the Press-in Method, featured by its environmental friendliness by the use of hydraulic static loads and its spatial efficiency associated with the self-walking function. To fulfill this, an interdisciplinary academic field - Press-in Engineering- is essential, where sharing of knowledge among the fragmented processes of planning, investigation, design and construction are integrated and the engineers who are engaged in developing construction machines and construction techniques, improving the accuracy and productivity of the construction process as well as conducting the construction itself, are encouraged to closely communicate. This international conference is the specific activity to expand this academic field, to be held in Kochi where the Press-in Method was originated.


The conference aims to activate the press-in engineering to promote the solution of the above mentioned global challenges, by providing the opportunities of the collection of application examples as disaster prevention measures, the summary of the present situation of the use of ICT or IOT in construction machines, and the communication between academic researchers and practical engineers expecting the innovations based on their spiral improvement.