Please send any new questions to: islandcreekptapresident@gmail.com

Question: Can anyone come to a PTA meeting?

Answer: Yes! We encourage every parent or guardian to come to meetings. We discuss PTA events and Mr.Macrina provides a school update. You can learn a lot at a PTA meeting! Meetings are held on the second Tuesdays of the month at 7 p.m. in the school cafeteria. We often have pizza, so please join us!

Question: If I attend a PTA meeting, will I automatically get "volunteered" to do something?

Answer: No! We promise we will not assign you a job, but you might want one after you hear the exciting things that we’re doing and how much of an impact you can make on the school. We also want to hear voices from all grades, new and old families…everyone!

Question: Why do I have to renew my PTA membership every year?

Answer: Your PTA membership dues are crucial to maintaining quality educational and enrichment programs at Island Creek Elementary School. PTA dues help fund technology needs, cultural events, field trips, classroom materials, staff development, and many other worthwhile projects. To join the PTA or renew your dues, click here.

Question: I heard that PTA gets a ton of money just for shopping through Amazon. Why don't we do that?

Answer: We do! Click here or use the Amazon link on the home page of the PTA website, to get to Amazon. This is FREE money for us!

Question: WOW! Holiday Fair was awesome! It looks like it takes quite a few people to run it -- how do people get involved in this and other PTA programs, aside from just volunteering to work at events?

Answer: Why, thanks, yes, it is a lot of work, but even more fun! It's the best way to meet and make friends with other parents. The easiest way to get involved is to ask someone who's already involved. You can always contact our PTA board members who are working hard right now to fill some spots for next year. We can find something for every skill and time commitment. PTA jobs range from large to small, with consistent commitments to seasonal commitments (like Bingo and the Holiday Fair) and everything in between.

Question: Can I give my child's teacher a gift for the holidays?

Answer: Sure! Teachers love gifts! Some class parents do a class-wide collection for a gift. In some classes small groups of families go in together, some families go it alone, and some just say, "Enjoy your time away from us!" Whatever you do, know that our teachers are grateful...but that it won't change your child’s grades!

You can also donate items for Faculty and Staff Appreciation events in May.

Question: My son/daughter came home from school without her jacket. Where is the Lost and Found?

Answer: The Lost and Found are near the cafeteria and it is usually overflowing! Your son/daughter can check the Lost and Found during lunch (with the Cafeteria Monitor's permission) and take the jacket back to class with her. Or, you can stop by and check the Lost and Found which is in a rolling closet in the corner. There are sweaters, jackets, books, lunch boxes and more so if your child is missing something, you should check it out! Smaller items such as jewelry, keys, glasses, wallets, phones, etc. are located in the Lost and Found in the school's front office.

Question: Does the PTA have a position on the School Board or State and Federal Elections? Who should I vote for?

Answer: It is a requirement of both National and Virginia PTA bylaws (and the IRS) that PTAs "not participate in or intervene in, directly or indirectly, any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office." While individual members may, as a whole we do not endorse, financially support, or share our contacts with any campaign. We do, however, encourage all families to learn about the candidates and vote on the first Tuesday in November (every year is an election year in Virginia!), because the School Board and other State and Federal Elections do have an impact on our all children.