About Us

The SafeCare program is a supportive addition to the lives of working parents/guardians and their children, offering an alternative to having their children home alone. The decision to place your children in our program is viewed as a loving choice. It gives the children opportunities for play and social experiences during, before, and after school hours. It is hoped that this bridge between school and home life will help family times to be relaxed an positive. In addition to offering safe, secure, and affordable childcare, the SafeCare program is fun for children of all ages!

Through a positive atmosphere and supportive staff members, the program helps build self esteem, encourages development of physical, intellectual and social skills, and allows for creativity and curiosity. Children choose fully from a range of activities they can do successfully and independently. Many opportunities for learning exist, free from the pressures of performance requirements. Staff members are available for playing, meeting needs, being affectionate, and addressing issues that are important for the children. The atmosphere is relaxed and home-like. The children can enjoy the opportunities provided by an age-varied group with siblings available to one another when desired.