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A labor of love for us has been to produce "The Nectar News".

After issue 20, the Nectar News is published on our blog. You can access the blog at:

A contributor from the state of Georgia, Clara Beaufort, was kind enough to write about 4 Things You Can Do to Create a Pollinator Garden. The document is below.

4 Things You Can Do to Create a Pollinator Garden.pdf

Below are copies of the Nectar News prior to publishing this as a blog. Contents in the issues are as follows:

Issue #1, April 2004: -Hummingbird perennial plant of the quarter--Bee Balm, -Hummingbird annual plant of the quarter -- Cuphea 'David Verity', -Hummingbird vine of the quarter-- Trumpet honeysuckle, -Hummingbird shrub of the quarter-- Butterfly bush, -Hummingbird feeder update, -Hummingbird migration update, -Library corner:---Hummingbird Gardens by Nancy L. Newfield and Barbara Nielsen,---Wildlife Gardener's Guide to Hummingbirds and Songbirds from the Tropics by Susan Day, Ron Rovansek and Jack Griggs, -Hummingbird video/DVD- Hooked on Hummingbirds by Thomas Kaminski, -Featured plant nursery- The Bruce Company, -Internet connections-- 


Issue #2, August 2004: -Review of Festival of the Hummingbirds in Tucson, -Hummingbird perennial plant of the quarter-- Cardinal flower, -Hummingbird annual plant of the quarter-- Tropical (Texas) sage, -Hummingbird vine of the quarter-- Trumpet creeper, -Hummingbird shrub of the quarter-- Rose of Sharon, -Library corner- Ruby Throated Hummingbird by Robert Sargent, -Hummingbird video- Hummingbirds Up Close (Michael Godfrey, Nature Science Network), -Local hummingbird hotspot-- the University arboretum, -Internet connections-- 


Issue #3, December 2004: -Hummingbirds in winter???, -Nurseries that sell hummingbird plants and seeds, -Hummingbird perennial plant of the quarter-- Standing cypress, -Hummingbird annual vine of the quarter-- Chilean glory vine, -Hummingbird vine of the quarter- Morning glory, -Library corner- Hummingbird Gardens- Turning your Yard into Hummingbird Heaven by Steven W. Kress, -Hummingbird video of the quarter- Watching Hummingbirds (Michael Godfrey, Nature Science Network),-Internet connections-, -Amazing hummingbirds screen saver


Issue #4, March 2005: -Hummingbird Feeders 101,-How do I stabilize that swinging feeder?, -Hummingbird migration tracks, -Hummingbird annual of the quarter- Blue anise sage, -Library corner- The Complete Guide to Attracting, Identifying and Enjoying Hummingbirds by Donald and Lillian Stokes, -Video of the quarter- Attracting Birds II- Hummingbirds and other favorite birds hosted by Don and Lillian Stokes, -Internet connections- 


Issue #5, August 2005: -Hummingbird Garden Tour, Sept. 11, 2005, -Review of Festival of the Hummingbirds in Tucson, -Hummingbird gardening seminar report, -When to take your hummingbird feeder down, -Hummingbirds 101- Ruby-throated hummingbird, -Hummingbird annual of the quarter-- Canna indica, -Hummingbird vine of the quarter-- Eccremocarpus scaber, -Hummingbird library corner- Creating a Hummingbird Garden by Marcus Schneck, -Hummingbird DVD of the quarter- Hooked on Hummingbirds by Thomas Kaminski, -Internet connections- HUMNET


Issue #6, December 2005: -Hummingbird Garden Tour Celebrates Hummingbirds and Gardening, -2005 Season in Review: The Hummingbirds, -2005 Gardening Review: Picks and Pans, -Wisconsin Rufous Hummingbirds Dazzle, -Hummingbirds in the Midwest 101-- What Do Hummingbirds Eat?, -Hummingbird Shrub of the Quarter--Coralberry, -Hummingbird vine of the quarter-- Scarlet Runner Bean, -Internet connections- The Southeastern Arizona Bird Conservatory (SABO), -Inspiration corner- Hurricane Hummingbirds 

nectarnews6 (1).pdf

Issue #7, Spring/Summer 2006: -Hummingbirds Move Northward, -Preparting Your Spring Garden for Hummingbirds, -Hummingbirds 101: Courtship, Breeding and Nesting, -Hummingbird Feeder Update, -Hummingbird Perennial of the Quarter--Heuchera Sanguinea, -Hummingbird Annual of the Quarter-- Stachytarpheta, -Hummingbird Library Corner Hummingbirds of Texas, -Inspiration corner 


Issue #8, Summer/Fall 2006: -Hummingbird Garden Tour, -Tales from the Nest, -Ask Harry the Hummingbird, -Have Numbers of Ruby Throated Hummingbirds Declined This Year?, -Hummingbird Annual of the Quarter--Salvia greggi, -Hummingbird Perennial of the Quarter--Delphinium Exaltatum, -Operation Ruby Throat Expedition To Costa Rica, -Inspiration Quarter 


Issue #9, Winter 2007: -Hummingbird Garden Tour--Soggy, But Fun!, -Experiencing the Great Fall Migration in Rockport/Fulton, Texas, Year-End Review of Our 2006 Hummingbird Garden--The Winners and The Losers, Dane County Garden Expo, -Ask Harry the Hummingbird, Hummingbird Feeder Update--Review of Feeder Importance and Use and the New Dr. JB's Feeder, Hummingbird DVD of The Quarter: Hummingbird Garden By Rick Gautreau and David F. Smith,-Inspiration Quarter 


Issue#10, mid-Summer 2008: -Our Hummingbird Season So Far, -So What Are the Hummingbirds' Favorite Flowers in Our Yard So Far?---The Flowers of Summer, -Fun Hummingbird Videos & Photos From The Hummingbird Forum, -Japanese Beetles---What Are They and How Can I Control Them?, -Article About Us In Midwest Living Magazine, -Rare Green Violet-Ear Hummingbird Seen in Yuba, Wisconsin, -Reminder of Upcoming Hummingbird Garden Tour At Our Home, -Upcoming Hummingbird Opportunities in Costa Rica, -New Hummingbird DVD From Tom Kaminski Available for Educators, -New DVD About Ruby-throat Nesting Cycle Available, -In Memory of Stan Rawls 


Issue #11, late Summer 2008: -Upcoming community garden tour, -Hummer/Bird Celebration, Rockport-Fulton, TX, -Clarification of 2009 Costa Rica trips, -Top 12 Hummingbird Myths, -Our top hummingbird flowers this summer, -Stories from our readers about their hummingbird gardens, -Fun video clips 


Issue #12, late Fall 2008: -Should I take down my hummingbird feeders now?, -2008 garden tour, -Midwest Living magazine article, -How can I save my favorite hummingbird plants?, -Best hummingbird plants in our garden this season and what we learned, -Hummingbird banding in Michigan, -Inspiration corner, -Upcoming events


Issue #13, winter 2009: -Rufous hummingbird visits McFarland, WI, -The best things about winter for a couple of 'Humnuts' in Wisconsin, -Exciting new hummingbird plants to consider for your Spring 2009 garden, -The best new and old mail order nurseries for hummingbird plants, -Come and see us at the 2009 Dane County Garden Expo, -New hummingbird DVD's, -Tom Vezo obituary 


Issue #14, March 2009: -Hummingbird migration map, -Hummingbird feeders 101, -How to get started on your hummingbird garden, -Journey North, -Operation Ruby Throat, Costa Rica project, -Come and see our hummingbird program at Wild Birds Unlimited


Issue #15, late spring 2009: -Upcoming garden tour, -What's happening in our hummingbird garden?, -Where have all my hummingbirds gone?, -Read about us in Midwest Living magazine, -Amazing hummingbird story, -Inspiration corner: a tribute to a dearly departed friend, -Fun hummingbird links 


Issue #16, late summer 2009: -Upcoming garden tour, -21st Hummer/Bird Celebration in Rockport/Fulton, TX, -Henderson Hummingbird Hurrah, -Hummingbird Feeding Program at Ohio's Lake Hope State Park, -Hummingbirds in Prairie Du Chein and Wyalusing State Park


Issue #17, late winter 2010: -When Should I Put Out My Hummingbird Feeder?, -Hummingbird Feeder & Nectar Reminders, -Reflections on Our 2009 Hummingbird Garden, -Penstemon in the Hummingbird Garden, Friend or Foe?, -Personal Experience Corner---How I Gardened for Hummingbirds From the Balcony of My Condominium, -Journey South of Citizen Scientists to Costa Rica!, -Amazing Hummingbird Fact, -New & Notable Hummingbird DVDs, -Videos for Hummingbird Lovers, -Hummingbird Nest cam


Issue #18, fall 2010: -Happy Fall and Happy Thanksgiving to All of You, -Ruby-throated hummingbird reported in Madison as of November 15, 2010, -When Should I Take My Hummingbird Feeders Down?, -Our 2010 garden reviewed, -How can tender hummingbird plants be maintained indoors?, -Fun and inspiring videos


Issue #19, winter 2011: -See Our Program at the Dane County Garden Expo, February 12 and 13, 2011, -Online Nursery "Early Bird" Discounts, -Other Local and Online Nursery News, -What Do I Plant in My Garden This Season to Attract Hummingbirds?, -Seed Starting 101, -Hummingbird Nestcam, -Fabulous Updated Version of DVD "Hummingbirds! Beauty and The Beast


Issue #20, spring 2011: -Upcoming "Gardening for Hummingbirds" Program at Wild Birds Unlimited in Middleton, Wisconsin, SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2011, 11:30 a.m., -So, What Are Ruby-throated Hummingbirds Doing Right Now?, -Hummingbird Feeders 101---All the "In and Outs" of Hummingbird Feeders, -Hummingbird Plant Nursery News, -Hummingbird Annual & Perennial of the Quarter: Cuphea 'David Verity' and Lobelia Cardinalis, -How Gardening for Hummingbirds Changed our Habitat---A Personal Reflection, -Dates for Our 2011 Hummingbird Garden Tour, SEPTEMBER 11 and 14, 2011---Mark Your Calendar Now!!, -Henderson Hummingbird Hurrah Event in Minnesota---August 20-21, 2011, -California Hummercam