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According to a report for the OECD, today in the year 2017, over half of the world population remains unconnected without roads, rails nor runways and neither do they have internet connection. About 4 billion people cannot be reached, because there are no ground infrastructures to connect with them. This is a real digital challenge to people who care about the other half of the human population. For this reason we are building a transport system that does not depend on ground infrastructures. This is a true effort to build an authentic hovering transport system.

This project is the result of continued efforts to fight the effects of climate change due to conventional transport systems. We are building a true hovering transport system to fight climate change and save lives. The "Huvr Trekker" is a the low cost mini, eco-friendly Airship. Below is an image on the hovering positions of our hovering vehicle showing its basic landing equipment.

We are using proven and existing technologies to build our mini airship without increasing its production cost. The doors of success will only open if we do not give up on our efforts. We need your support as we work together to reach a common goal. Below is an image of one of the Huvr Trek Airship in action after a "snow avalanche scene". The airship can carry about 5 persons (700kg payload) which is good for a search and rescue team. The team composed of 2 or 3 men with a dog with the support of a drone. Huvr Trek Airship for search and rescue missions is just one among the many applications as an alternative to helicopters.

Sample scene of a Search and Rescue mission with Huvr Trek Airship after a snow avalanche due to climate change.