Market Competition

There are many applications of airships in everyday life.
Here below is a collection of videos where airships are used for different applications today.

Our company Huvr Trek Group strives to be one of the major supplier and manufacturer of modern day airships.
The advantages of Huvr Trek airships over existing competitors is its technology.

We use inert nitrogen which is heated to be used as lift gas . Inert Nitrogen gas (N2) cannot burn or react to oxygen easily compared to normal hot air. Nitrogen is abundant and is naturally lighter than air. It is because air contains many other gases. This make our lift gas more economical compared to Helium ( used by competitors)

Our airships do not use external propellers and tail fins (which are easily affected by strong winds).
Propellers make noise and vibrations but instead Huvr Trekkers have mini ceramic jet engines for propulsion.

Instead we use vector jet propulsion to avoid the need for tail fin stabilizers and weight shifters to change the equilibrium of the airship.
The natural geometry of our airship is more stable which mimic a mussel shell mollusc in the flowing waters of a river.

We use advanced materials like aerogel insulators and also aerogels as construction material for the rigid frame of our thermal airship.
Most conventional thermal airships do not have insulation on the surface envelope but Huvr Trek airships are fireproof and fully insulated by aerogels.