About Us

What we do

Huvr Trek Group (HTG) is a start-up company on advanced green transport solutions. Vast remote places of planet earth remain unexplored and isolated. Yet these places should be preserved and protected. Nevertheless, we as humans should not be deprived from exploring these remote places of planet earth. HTG solves this problem, by hovering in these places; while preserving and protecting the pristine environment of planet earth. We use the latest technology and advanced materials to build authentic hovering vehicles. We promote the storage of clean renewable energy in the form LN2 and CO2. We then use, green liquid nitrogen (LN2) and green dry ice (CO2) as jet fuel for our mini-airships.

Our mission:

To make remote explorations be safe, fun and exciting without any environmental damages and most of all affordable at a reasonable price. As an added benefit to these exciting exploration, HTG brings 5G telecom solutions to search and rescue operations .

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Why we do this:

Because Roads, Rails, airports and seaports are costly to build. Ground infrastructures are normally more expensive than the transport vehicle itself. Because ground infrastructures can destroy or alter the landscape of natural ecosystems, therefore ground infrastructures should be avoided to protect the pristine locations of planet earth. In spite of this, helicopters continue to bring strong vibrations and destructive wind turbulence to delicate ecosystems. Emissions from conventional transportation are among the causes of climate change.

Our call for action

Since we all depend on nature for survival, therefore we need a transport system that preserves nature. For this reason, HTG is pleading to those who refuse to change the conventional transport system. Our continued use of fossil fuels and its benefactors, are destroying humanity and planet earth. Please join us in winning the fight for survival of humanity by supporting our company.

Be our supporter and get a chance to be a part of our company as we win this battle.

Who we are

Huvr Trek Group (HTG) is a joint project under Green Earth Aerogel Technologies SL (Spain) and BrightStar Aerospace (Israel). We firmly believe in judeo-christian moral values.

For more info about the founders please visit the websites of Green Earth Aerogel at www.aerogeles.com and BrightStar Aerospace at www.brightstar.co.il

Smart Mobility Congress 2018 The Founders of Huvr Trek Group

New Energy Startups Kazakhstan 2016

NUMA Paris 2016 Organized by GAN Accelerator


Vaasa, Finland 2017

Huvr Trek Group was semi-finalist at Carbon Xprize 2016

Semi-Finalist at N100 2016 Canada