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Huvr Trek Group SL

CIF: B-67350033

(Registro Mercantil de Barcelona, España)


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Calle Forn 6 BJ
25520 El Pont de Suert
Lerida , Spain

Tel: +34 605456485 | +34 973302952 EU & Spain

Tel:+972 25695085 ext. 502210| +972 3374-1278 ext. 502210 Israel

(Tel Aviv & Jerusalem)

Tel: +1(201)982-7292| TeleFax: +1(201) 685-9917 US & Canada

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Please contact us for any missions or special tasks that can be addressed by our Huvr Trek Airships.

The Huvr Trek Airship is being designed to serve the following applications:

  • Drone platform for extended travel range

  • Paging Messenger platform (flying billboard/ announcements/ advertisements)

  • Man & Dog carrier for ground search missions

  • Medical equipment transport carrier

  • Rescue Ambulance safety escape vehicle

  • Night Stealth transport flying below radar view at 1000 meters

  • Sports and Recreation vehicle

  • Alternative Air Transport vehicle

  • Agricultural Crop protection and spraying equipment

  • Emergency communication satellite relay station

  • Military reconnaissance

  • Police Surveillance

  • Etcétera ...

Huvr Trek Airships are low cost mini rigid thermal airships which is the main product of our company.

In relation to the main product, we intend to offer the following related products:

Spare parts and replacement components

Passenger accessories for the gondola

Other equipment for the product upgrade of the Huvr Trek Airship

To order spare parts and other related accessories, this can be done on our web-store which will be online very soon.

In relation to the Huvr Trek Airships we are offering services related to the use and maintenance of the Huvr Trek Airship itself.

We intend to offer the following services to end users (Huvr Trekkers ) :

Advertising services

Safety Training services

Repair and Maintenance

Affordable trips on board the Huvr Trek --

You can book your flights for the airship using a smartphone app and also on our flight booking website which will be available online very soon.

Our Products and Services will Soon be available online and on your smartphones so please keep in touch!