Frequently Asked Questions

~ I’ve never used a house-sitter before, what does it involve?

Surprisingly enough this is a question we’re regularly asked. So to clarify everything, I’ve put together a few online courses that give a great overview of the whole process.

~ How will it cost for you to house-sit for us?

Well, the simple answer to this is, we don’t actually charge for house-sitting. Here's a podcast explaining why we don't, alternatively our Charges page goes in to a little more detail.

~ Are you available to house-sit for us while we’re away?

The best way to get an answer to this question would be to have a look at our Calendar. It lists all the dates that we’re already booked. But as a general guideline we tend not to take bookings more than six months in advance.

While this may be of some inconvenience to you when it comes to booking your holiday, and lessen the chances of us being able to care for your home (sorry), it’s also proven that by not booking too far in advance we get less last minute cancellations.

To overcome this many people have taken to contacting us before they book their trips, so as to ensure we're free to sit for them.

~ Is it possible to stay in touch with you while you’re house-sitting our home?

Of course - most people feel happier knowing things are going well and that their pets are adjusting smoothly and happily to having different carers.

Steve and I are personally contactable by mobile phone or email (we'll pass on these details at time of booking). Alternatively, for something less specific, you can Like our Facebook page which has regular posts, photos and offers the option of you messaging us directly.

~ What are the benefits of working directly with you as opposed to going through a house-sitting agency?

Other than the obvious one that you don’t have to pay us to house-sit for you (where you would if an agency was involved), differences include:

= There’s no third-party involved in our house-sitting service. Steve and I are the people you discuss the required house-sit with, we are the ones who come to meet you beforehand, we are the ones who actually care for your home and pets, and we are the ones you communicate with before, during and after your trip.

= Any references we share were specifically written about us and the service we provide, not for an agency or others working for it.

= Many agencies provide international house-sitters who are only temporarily in the country, while Steve and I have both lived in Australia for well over thirty years.

~ Why don't you have Police Clearances?

Simply put, we made a conscious decision not to get them. While we have no reason to think we wouldn't qualify for Police Clearances, we believe there is more credibility in our well-documented history as professional house-sitters through our blog, Facebook posts and references to back up our honesty, ability and character traits.

~ While we’re away our pets will need more food and supplies, is going out and buying it part of what you would do?

Obviously it’s easier for everyone if you’re already stocked up with everything your pets and home need while you’re away, but we understand that sometimes this isn’t possible.

In which case, we will happily go out and buy what’s required. Simply leave written instructions of what is needed and where we can get it and we’ll do so. Either leave enough cash to cover the costs with the note, or transfer the money to our Paypal account. We will, in turn, keep the receipts from the purchases so that you can see what was spent where.

~ Are there any homes and pets you won’t sit for?

Good question! This is why we always like to meet the family and pets before we accept a booking. After all, it’s important to know we’ll all get on while you’re away.

We’ve turned down a few sits, but not many. The main reasons are because we need access to the internet (not huge amounts, but enough for Steve and I to run our online businesses), then because we don’t mow lawns, answer home phones, or care for rodents or more than two dogs if they need walking. Simple really, but still important.

~ I don’t have any pets, will you still house-sit my home?

Yes - having a pet or animals is not an essential requirement to house-sitting. Steve and I are more than happy to just come and take care of your home.

~ Are you used to living in rural Australia?

Over the years, Steve and I have lived in various parts of Western Australia, everywhere from Adelaide Terrace in Perth to physically building a kit home on a rural block in WA’s Wheatbelt. For us, living in different parts of Australia is half the fun of house-sitting.

~ How do we go about booking you?

If you've checked our calendar and found that we're free on the dates you're away (or need to check other dates), simply go to the Contact page on this website and send us a message. We're usually able to get back to you within 24 hours.

~ What if you have a cancellation? Is there some way we can find out about it and book a last minute trip?

On the occasions that we do have a cancellation, the first thing we do is contact the confirmed bookings either side of the cancellation. That way if those home-owners would like to extend their holidays they have the option to do so.

Then, within around 24hrs of us being told about the cancellation, we’ll put a announcement up on our HouseSittingLife Facebook page giving everybody the chance to take advantage of some time away.