Our Charges

Simply put, our services are free. This may seem a little odd considering we’re providing a professional, full-time house-sitting service, but we basically rely on the generosity of our clients and any money we make from our writing, photography and online projects to keep us going.

Over the years Steve and I have both run a selection of reputable businesses, but when we started House-sitting Life we thought we would try something a little less stressful. Besides, exchanging the time we spend caring for your pets and home, seemed like a fair trade for the free accommodation, internet, utilities and such, that you provide.

Many of our clients are, however, generous enough to show their support and appreciation for our service, in the form of:
~ food, drinks or consumables,
~ gift vouchers,
~ buying items we've created and sell in our online stores.
~ monetary gift.

All of which are greatly appreciated, and ensure we can continue to offer a quality, professional house-sitting service without charging professional fees.

For more about our views on charging fees, please visit this Blog post or listen to the podcast below.