About Us

Have you ever wondered what you would do if one morning you woke up and realised you were free to do whatever you wanted?

Not just for the day, but for the rest of your life.

This is exactly what we realised at the end of 2015, as we approached our 29th wedding anniversary, adjusted to our youngest daughter moving out and helped our eldest plan for her study-year abroad. Neither Steve or I had been traditionally employed for years, preferring to be self-employed instead. I'd been a freelance writer and writing coach for years, while Steve had been working on his photography and helping me with the technical side of my business, Writing to Inspire.

It was a strange thought to suddenly realise that no specific person, thing or place required us to be in any specific place at any specific time, doing any specific thing. Even stranger to realise that it could well be that way for many years to come. All of which meant, for the first time in decades, Steve and I were free to do exactly what we wanted, and go where we wanted.

So that's exactly what we decided to do – sell up just about everything we own, make a new life for ourselves and all before we got too old and senile to have fun doing it.

HouseSittingLife.com, as you might have guessed, offers a record of our adventures, insights into the house-sitting lifestyle, and information to anyone who would like to be part of it.

So, why not come along and live the House-Sitting Life with us?

Steve's Stuff

I moved to Australia with my parents and younger brother when I was 11 and am now in my 59th year for the fifth time. I have the photography bug and love the fact that the house-sitting life gives me many opportunities to take photos. It's great meeting new people and having fun while taking care of their much loved pets.

Lizzie's Stuff

I was born in a quiet country village in Surrey, UK, back in the 1960s, and led a relatively quiet, conventional and predictable life before emigrating. In the years that have followed I've experienced all kinds of things, Steve and I physically built our own kit home in the Wheatbelt, I daily drove over 400km a day in a ute for our courier business, started my own sewing business, and that's just for starters.

But my true love is writing and coaching other writers. Over the last 20 years my work has been published in all kinds of places, including best-selling books, respected newspapers and magazines, and high-ranking websites. I've also been lucky enough to have my own newspaper column, radio segment, television slot and be invited to speak at many exciting events.