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How does the process work? First, you must email the spellcaster with a short description of what you want your custom spell to achieve. This is absolutely required - no doctor will agree to do surgery without first examining the patient. If Talia agrees to perform the work for you, final details will be discussed and a payment request will be sent.

After payment is received, ingredients needed for the casting are ordered. Only the best, tested, quality ingredients are used for your spells! When the products arrive (which might take up to 4 weeks) you'll be notified that your spell is ready to perform. Photo updates are sent on the first and last day of the spellcast, as well as in the event of unusual or significant happenings. Email updates are sent each day of the casting. The magic begins as soon as the spell is started, and most practitioners agree that the results of the magic will take additional time to become apparent. You might witness the effect of the hoodoo style spell within days of your casting!


Why trouble yourself casting your own spell, risking the purchase of incorrect or poor-quality ingredients? What if you mess up the casting? What if someone in your house interrupts you or tampers with your magical tools?

By buying a spell from Talia Felix at Hoodoo Online, there's no need to worry. Everything is taken care of for you! No need to expose yourself to carcinogenic fumes or risk deadly house fires when you have a professional spell worker doing it all for you!

End your biggest worries and restore happiness with Hoodoo spells that are some of the most potent and powerful around! This magic can also be used to cause harm and revenge upon others. This is very intense witchcraft and is to be used for the most important cases! To draw the utmost power towards your wishes and goals, these spells usually involve mailed magical charms OR multi-day candle and incense magic performed for you.

When you buy a spell from Talia Felix at Hoodoo Online, you are buying from a long-time worker with an established presence. Some online spellcasters will drop off the face of the earth after you buy a spell, but not here! At Hoodoo Online you have a reliable spellcasting source.

Included with every purchase of a spell come actual photographs of your spell being cast, sent by email. No need to doubt if the work is being done! See examples in the Spellcast Gallery.

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Click here to email Talia to schedule your casting! You MUST email Talia to be approved for spellwork, and not every case is accepted.

Be smart about your spells and read the FAQ before buying.