Your Spellcaster

My name is Talia Felix. I'm the one running this little one-woman show. I believe that anyone can do spells and I even write books about how you can cast your own spells and rituals. I also perform spells for hire for those who need it.

I am one of the few magicians who uses my own, real name in my work. My business is legally registered. I strive for integrity and honesty in my doings.

I've been offering spiritual services online since 2008 when I started my first website, Talia's Tarot, which was a fortune telling service. Later, when I began offering spells, I moved the domain over to The Lucky Temple. Now I have changed domains again and operate the more descriptively named Hoodoo Online.

Hoodoo is often erroneously considered to be “African magic” but it’s actually the most American style of magic there is. It is also the only style of magic I enjoy and have a fondness for. Not all magic is equal: hoodoo is my fascination.

Using scientific testing, Talia's magic spells are as effective as anyone else's!

Am I being cute when I say this? Yes I am. But here’s the thing – no amount of money is worth dealing with a person who genuinely believes I can turn a person into a toad or make money fall out of the sky. I am not trying to scam anyone, I don’t want people to feel scammed because they asked me for something impossible, and so I really go out of my way to chase off those who have “excessive faith” in magic. My FAQ is there so I don't have to spend a lot of one-on-one time unselling my services to people. If you are looking for magic spells based on Dungeons and Dragons or Harry Potter, please go elsewhere. If you are looking for African Vodun or Haitian Voodoo, go elsewhere since those are not what I practice. We must have compatible expectations if we’re to work together happily!

Many people are happy with the results of hoodoo magic spells, and feel that such magic has helped them to achieve things they otherwise could have never accomplished. This does not mean it will do anything and everything, and do please keep in mind that if these things were 100% reliable I could happily charge several thousand or even millions of dollars for the exact same work I currently do for a few hundred. Magic is unreliable. So make sure at least you have a spellcaster you can trust.

Since this is a solo operation and Talia works together with you to ensure each spell will suit your needs, you must email Talia to consult about a spellcast before you will be able to make a purchase.

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