1x strength: $189 (suitable for purification, good luck, protection, minor jinxes)

3x strength: $279 (suitable for new love, general money and job spells, curse removal)

5x strength: $399 (suitable for love spells or commanding spells on a specific person, targeted job or money spells)

7x strength: $519 (suitable for breakups, return lover spells, success spells, road opener spells, harsh jinxes)

9x strength: $639 (extra-strength -- for more intense versions of any of the above)

13x strength: $750 (for only the most difficult cases or cases where extreme results are required.)

Price is based on numbers of days that will be spent casting your spell. Ingredients and expenses are included in the price. The spellcasting process, which includes making and ordering ingredients, begins as soon as your payment is received; there may be a wait time of up to 6 weeks before the actual performing of your spell subject to availability of the supplies.

Some spells can be done at any strength, but others require a minimum strength and won't be performed unless the minimum strength or greater is to be used.

If your desired spell type isn't named above, please contact the spellcaster and an appropriate recommendation will be made.