Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there. Look around; this is where you’ll find all the information you should know before making up your mind to buy a Hoodoo Online spell. It’s a big decision, and no one will blame you if you take your time about it. Take a look at the prices, read up on our guarantees, and find the answers to the most commonly asked questions. Do all that, and you’re certain to make the right choice.

Q: Is the spell guaranteed to work?

A: If you hire me to do a magic spell, I promise to do the work. But I can't guarantee that the spell will succeed. Even doctors and scientists can't always guarantee their work will be successful. So, I can't promise you any specific results from my spells. Some people are happy with the results of my hoodoo magic spells, but there's no guarantee. When you hire me, you're only paying for my service, not a guaranteed outcome.

Q: How long will it take to see results?

A: No one really knows how long it takes for a spell to work because it's not a science. In most cases, successful spells will show results within a month, but it can take longer for some spells. Spells that affect only you will usually work faster than spells that control other people. In my experience, being anxious and wanting fast results can work against you. It's best to have the spell cast and then forget about it. Don't worry about it anymore and let the magic do its work.

Q: What is your success rate?

A: It's hard to know for sure if a hired spell is successful. I don't even encourage client reports about the success rates because it can make people too focused on waiting for results, and it's not auspicious to talk about in-progress spells. But, I can say that most people are happy with the results of their spell. In a survey of 80 customers, 76 of them were happy with their spell, which is a 95% satisfaction rate. Spells for personal change or gain usually work better than other types of magic. The way you think about the spell and your intentions are important influences on outcomes.

Q: What kind of spell should I get for [fill in the blank]?

A: I recommend you get the best spell that you can afford. Hoodoo Spells have their power increased by each additional day of work (“strength” of the spell.) I do not recommend “saving up” for a spell you can’t afford or spending your last penny on a spell.

Q: Will you cast a spell for free?/Can I pay you after the spell is cast?

A: No. If you can't afford spellwork, then it is a sign that now is not the time for you to be using hired help to cast spells. Spells are not necessities and there are many people who get through life just fine without ever using spellwork.

Q: Will the spell be permanent?

A: Most spells I cast are designed to produce an event or an effect. Certainly, if the spell is successful, the event it caused will never fail to have been produced. However, time isn’t going to simply stop after it is cast, and what actions you take after the spell have the power to maintain or destroy its influence. For example, if a spell is cast to make you get a particular job, you might get the job; but if you’re bad at the job, you still can get fired. This would not mean the spell “wore off” or “wasn’t permanent” but rather that the actions you took after the spellcast were not in harmony with maintaining it. In short, for a hoodoo spell's effect to last, you will need to make sure that you live in harmony with what it has made. The SPELL is permanent but the created actions might not be.

Q: Will the spell backfire or come back onto me in any way?

A: This is a belief based question. I don’t believe in magic backfiring; but if you do, then this answer is up to you to decide.

Q: Do you have a phone number, live chat or video call where I can reach you?

A: No, we can only talk by email -- and that's a good thing! It lets me take time to better answer your questions and to concentrate on your spells without any distractions from ringing phones or dinging chats that need immediate attention. I'm the only one who works here, and I get a lot of people asking for my help, so it would be too hard for me to answer phone calls or use other live chat options.

Q: What is your email address for contact?

A: TaliasTarot@gmail.com

It is an email address, not a live chat. I will automatically refuse your case if you send me dozens of one-sentence messages without waiting for my responses.