Nano Materials and Devices Lab

"Building Next Generation Micro and Nano Systems"


Nano Materials and Devices (NanoMaD) Lab in Department of Robotics Engineering at DGIST works on thermal science, multi-functional materials, and micro/nano systems. In particular, our research group focuses on developing advanced manufacturing processes for emerging nanomaterials and functional materials for device, energy, and robotic applications.

Key thrust areas include:

1. Utilization of Nanoscale Thermal Energy for Manufacturing and Materials Characterization

2. Batch Fabrication of Nanomaterials and Functional Materials Integrated Devices

3. Development of Multi-physical Smart Sensor Devices for Robotic Systems

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  • 2018/04/07: Soon In and Chaehyun won the Best Paper Award at 20th Korean MEMS Conference! Awesome!
  • 2018/03/19: Our work (in collaboration with CMU & Sun Yat-sen Univ.) on Fe-based amourphous magnetic film is published in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics!
  • 2018/02/23: We have secured a New Researcher Grant from NRF to develop a multimodal environmental sensor! YAY!!
  • 2018/02/09: Soon In (Oral) and Chaehyun (Poster) will be preseting their work at 2018KMEMS! Great job guys!
  • 2018/01/01: We are starting a 3-year research project with KIMM to develop a novel fine dust sensor!
  • 2017/12/26: NanoMad Lab secured a 1 year project on microheaters funded by the Ministry of Science!
  • 2017/11/17: Soonin and Chaehyun presented their work in 2017 Korean Sensors Conference at KAIST!
  • 2017/11/08: Soonin and Chaehyun presented their work in MNC2017 at Jeju Island!
  • 2017/10/23: NanoMAD Facebook Page is now online! Please like & follow our page for up-to-date news!
  • 2017/09/28: E5071C 8.5 GHz network analyzer is now installed! Time to take some serious RF measurements!
  • 2017/09/27: Chaehyun and Soonin's abstracts were accepted for a poster presentation at The 30th International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference (MNC 2017)! Congrats!
  • 2017/07/01: Olympus BF/DF MX60 microscope is now installed! Time to take a look at our awesome devices!
  • 2017/06/14: MST-8000 RF probe station is now installed! It has a 6-inch sample stage with CCD camera!
  • 2017/05/25: Prof. Kim gave an oral presentation in 2017 KSME Micro/Nanoengineering conference!
  • 2017/05/19: Prof. Kim gave a seminar on "Piezoelectric MEMS Sensor Fusion for IoT" at KEIT!
  • 2017/04/03: Prof. Kim's baby girl Joy has finally arrived!
  • 2017/03/17: Prof. Kim's review paper "Tip-Based Nanofabrication for ScalableManufacturing" is published in Micromachines!
  • 2017/03/14: Chaehyun and Soon In joined NanoMaD Lab!
  • 2017/03/10: Porf. Kim gave a seminar at Sogang University, Department of Mechanical Engineering!