Stephanie with Dynaleo

Meet Stephanie.

I had the pleasure of 'meeting' Stephanie during the WWC 2021 conference. We ended up in the same virtual room during the speed-networking portion of the conference.

She is a radiant human with the most pleasant demeanor and a plethora of awesome history behind her of how she came to the cannabis industry. Stephanie took the time to answer some questions I had about her career and the lovely company she works for known as Dynaleo.

Read our conversation below.

I’d love the basics of where you’re from, etc anything you feel comfortable sharing? ( I love your background in Agriculture & the food industry, So cool! )

Thanks Jess!

I’ve had quite the ride throughout my career and I feel blessed to have garnered the experiences I have.

I started out with a degree in molecular biology from U Alberta, and while obtaining that, I interned for 16 months at a plant biotechnology lab. The lab focused on plants such as canola, tobacco, and hemp, and is where my passion for food & agriculture really started. I moved to obtain my graduate degree from U Guelph, where I studied agronomic and physiological traits of potato varieties.

For several years after that in Ontario, I moved in and around the science field, working in conventional breeding programs, at molecular and microbiological food testing labs. I also spent time at a dairy conducting product development on aged cheddars.

Following a move back to Alberta, I ran an indoor aquaponic facility that specializes in tilapia and leafy green vegetables. Then came my foray into the legal cannabis industry.

What inspired you to get into the Cannabis Industry?

Cannabis has been an important part of my lifestyle. As a chronic pain sufferer, CBD and THC play a strong role in my daily regimen. As an agriculturalist, I also had a front row seat to watching the industry move from cash crop to cannabis. As someone with an entrepreneurial mindset, participating in the development of a new industry was strongly appealing.

What is your role within the Canadian Cannabis Industry?

I am currently at Dynaleo Inc., a processing LP based in the greater Edmonton region ( ). There, I am the Director of Projects & Operational Training, where my responsibilities are internal project management, product development, documentation, and training.

Dynaleo produces top quality edibles for the cannabis industry by focusing on a single product form – gummy soft chews. Our products are the best tasting on the market because we source the finest cannabis distillate and isolate, real fruit ingredients, and formulate with taste and quality in mind.

Our product line currently includes three brands: Sunshower, DynaThrive, and our newest addition, Pocket Fives.

In addition to my role at Dynaleo, I am also a Board of Directors member for the Alberta Cannabis Council, a non-profit group that aims to represent Alberta’s legal cannabis industry on a municipal, provincial, and federal capacity.

What is your favourite Sunshower flavour?

What makes Sunshower unique compared to other brands?

That’s a hard choice, Jess, because all the flavours are so great. But I would have to say that my favourite Sunshower flavour is the Wild Strawberry ( It comes in a 5-piece pack, with 2 mg THC in each individual unit. Our products are unique, as they are developed by a team of food scientists with flavour and quality in mind.

Our products are made with real fruit concentrate and a gelatin base, so they have a classic gummy chew, as opposed to pectin-based gummies.

The Sunshower brand now has five different flavoured products, all with no cannabis aftertaste: Wild Strawberry, Mango Tangerine, Watermelon Lemonade, Blood Orange, and Sour Cherry.

The latter two flavours are Canada’s first microdose gummy, with 1 mg THC per gummy, perfect for those who want to snack on or share them. If your local retail store isn’t already, make sure to ask them to stock these so you can get your hands on the best tasting gummies on the market.

Can you tell us more about the DynaWellness Apple Cider Vinegar soft chews?

Our DynaWellness line currently includes our DynaThrive brand, that has Apple Cider soft chews available in a 7-piece pack or a 30-piece pack (

Designed with daily intake in mind, each individual unit has 10 mg CBD and is THC free, so you can take them every day without worrying about any potential intoxicating effects. Our Apple Cider soft chews tastes like a glass of tart apple cider and are made with real apple cider vinegar in the formulation. Look out for them on store shelves, and if Apple Cider flavour isn’t compelling you, we also make it in Pomegranate flavour with the same potency and pack sizes.

What is your advice to anyone looking to pursue a career in Cannabis?

The cannabis industry is about more than just the job you hold. Get involved in your local community grassroots events, there are advocacy groups, ancillary support affiliations, and even consumer/medical focused groups. Get out there, start meeting people in the industry, and show your passion for all things cannabis.