Understanding The 

Hidden dimensions 




This educational resource and workshop is aimed at educationalists, teachers and curriculum development specialists working at all levels of education in Ireland: – formal, informal and community. It has been collaboratively prepared with ATD Ireland, The Christian Brothers and the Presentation Sisters (Ireland).  It provides wide access to a learning resource on poverty, including presentations by ATD Ireland community activists highlighting the important voice of people with lived experience of poverty. This educational tool seeks to raise awareness and open minds to the daily realities of poverty, mediated in part through the direct experiences and conversations of people in poverty. It enables a positive learning exchange of views and insights into this important contemporary issue in Irish society.  

Below is an account of the Hidden Dimensions of Poverty in Action in a school and University Setting. 


“The level of interaction and engagement with the excellent Hidden Dimensions of Poverty workshop here in the Margaret Aylward Centre exceeded all expectations. The young people (St. Mary's Transition Year Students) present were deeply affected by the challenging presentation delivered by ATD, animated in their responses and left determined to be part of the solution, and not the problem.” 

Dympna Mallon

Director, Margaret Aylward Centre for Faith and Dialogue

If you would like to have your own school or group included then you can make contact with Dan Kenningham of ATD Ireland at dann@atdireland.ie  

Phone number: 01 8558191 

A report on the delivery of a similar workshop in Trinity to the Social Work Class of 2022

A report on the ATD Campaign to Add Socio - Economic Status as the 10th Ground of Discrimination

Course Outline




How would you recognise poverty in your own circle of friends?

The Tree: The Dimension of Poverty: A first Glance

What does Poverty Mean? 

Take a look at the video.....

Follow on Work

Personal Testimony

Group Work

A Discussion on the thoughts of the group after the their group engagements.

Take a look at Tree again. What thoughts?

The Gratitude Tree



The content of this presentation has been designed to be engaging. There are 12 sections (mostly short) that you should become familiar with prior to delivering this presentation. You may want to change some of the order, omit or include certain content, develop other resources or indeed deliver it as it is. It has been designed as a small website that can be added to your homescreen on your phone / tablet and it will work like an app. It is easy to navigate (clicking each part as you go) and invites engagement. It is up to you to be prepared by becoming familiar and confident with content as you help others to understand more about the 

Understanding The Hidden Dimensions of Poverty.

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"An Authentic vision of that nourishes sustainable social change" 

"Includes stories and videos of real life lived experiences"

There are currently 279,000 people in consistent poverty in Ireland