Who are we?

May the door of this Church

be wide enough

to receive all who hunger for love,

all who are lonely for friendship.

May it welcome

all who have cares to unburden,

thanks to express,

or hope to nurture.

May the door of this Church

be narrow enough

to keep out pettiness and pride,

envy and enmity.

May it shut out

all complacency,

selfishness or harshness.

May the threshold of this door

be no stumbling-block

to young

or straying feet,

May this Church be,

for all who enter,

the doorway to a richer

and more meaningful life.

For we ask this in the name of

Jesus Christ who said:

"l am the door,

whoever enters though me

will be saved,

they will come in and go out

and find pasture." (John 10:9)

Who are we?

Here are some of the key words that describe us:

Christ-centred, Welcoming, Ecumenical, Loving, Caring, All Ages, Inclusive, Prayerful, Worshiping Jesus

What has Heslington Church ever done for you?

The church serves the local community by bringing together a diverse group of wonderful people who feel united by their faith.

  • We keep alive a tradition of Christian worship which goes back for centuries. We try to do this in ways that are relevant, accessible and up-to-date.
  • We persistently pray for all who live, work and study in Heslington.
  • We help you celebrate and mark important moments in your life by conducting baptisms, weddings and funerals.
  • We help you explore spirituality through prayer, reflection and Christian teaching. Without providing all the answers, we offer space and opportunity to find out more about the meaning of life.
  • We support many charities and encourage everyone to use their gifts and talents to make a real difference in the world.
  • We try to be a listening and learning community. We want to adapt to the particular needs of the local community.
  • We publish and distribute the Heslington Outlook newsletter.
  • We offer practical and flexible meeting rooms at low rental charges.
  • We are radically inclusive. There is a place for everyone in our church family.