Your Brain

Just like we discussed in "your heart", plaques can build up in the brain just like they do in the heart. The narrowing in the blood vessels that occurs in heart disease is the same that can occur before a stroke. The narrowing of the vessels causes an inadequate circulation of the blood to the brain. There is also a danger of the plaques breaking loose and causing damage to the brain or other organs.

Studies are still being done to determine if gum disease is a direct cause of stroke and heart attack. However, gum disease does seem to be more prevalent in patients that have suffered heart attack and stroke.

Once again, visit your dentist and hygienist regularly and ask the important questions. Do I have gum disease? Is it mild, moderate, or advanced? What treatment do I need to have done in order to restore my mouth to good health? How often should I have my teeth professionally cleaned to maintain my mouth's health? What can I do at home to keep my teeth and gums healthy in between cleanings?

It's also a good idea to visit your family doctor at least once yearly to make sure your body's blood pressure and cholesterol are at healthy levels. For more information about stroke and heart attack, visit the websites below. &