Keep it Clean

Yes! It is important to keep your mouth clean to avoid cavities and gum disease. Removing plaque twice a day as completely as possible will get rid of the acid that eats the enamel and the germs that cause red and puffy gums. It will also make your breath smell better and keep you healthier. When your gums are inflamed they are actually open much like a sore on your finger. They can get infected and allow those nasty microbes to travel into your blood stream. More about this in the To Your Health section.

There are certain factors that can contribute to poor oral health such as genetics, diseases of the body, and childhood illness. We also pass germs on to each other, especially our children, through every day living. Interestingly, babies are practically sterile when they are born and don't actually have the germs that cause tooth decay until they receive them from other people.

Web MD has some great information about the process of tooth decay. Follow the link for more detailed statistics.

In the following pages you'll have all the tips you need to Keep It Clean!