There is no other product that will take the place of flossing! Dental floss is definitely the one thing you would take to the survivor island. Brushing will get the plaque off the flatter sides and the tops of the teeth, but the tooth brush bristles just aren't able to reach in between.

Those areas in between might not seem very big to you, but to a germ it's the Grand Canyon. Lots of room to set up house and ruin your dental health.

I'll never forget one of my dental hygiene instructors asking me why we use floss. I said, "to clean in between the teeth". Wrong answer! We use dental floss to scrape off the plaque from the sides of the teeth above and under the gum. That makes a lot more sense to me and hopefully to you.

It only takes two minutes 1 time per day, but oh what a difference that can make to the health of your gums and your body. But be careful! You can floss too hard and actually cut your gums with floss. Take it easy and add this simple step to your hygiene routine. The American Dental Hygienists' Association has a great PDF that shows proper flossing technique. Just click the button above to find it!

Click the picture above to visit webmd and learn more about the dangers of leaving plaque behind!