Houselessness in hawaii

Houselessness in Hawaii

Beginning in the early 2000s, Hawaii saw a significant increase in the number of houseless individuals in the State. We have the highest number of houseless individuals per capita, but the through joint efforts by houseless service providers throughout the State, more individuals and families are transitioning into housing.

The 2018 point-in-time count in Hawaii showed:

  • A 9.6% overall decrease in statewide numbers of houseless individuals

    • 6,530 individuals (on a given day) – 3055 sheltered and 3475 unsheltered

    • 69% reside on Oahu

  • Children made up 21% of the total number of houseless individuals.

  • There was a 13.5% decrease in homeless veterans in the State, totaling 532 individuals

2018 Statewide Point-in-Time Count Report

Homeless Service Utilization Report – Hawaii 2017