Seismic Hazards Research Lab

We do most of our work at the Seismic Hazards Research Lab (SHRL) located in Fears Structural Engineering Lab at OU. The SHRL was designed to enable both earthquake shake-table tests of structures, equipment, and systems to protect equipment, as well as high-performance isolation system development. The SHRL features a wide array of actuators, sensors, and data acquisition systems for precise dynamic loading and response measurement of structural systems. Our central facilities include three shake tables of varying capabilities:

  • Six-degree-of-freedom servo-electric motion base (E2M eM6-400-1500)
    • Surge: ±40 cm, 65 cm/s, 8 m/s/s
  • Single-axis servo-hydraulic shake table
    • 11 kip MTS actuator, 0-40 Hz, 20 kip payload
  • Single-axis Quanser Shake Table II