Early 1980's Harvard brings on its first Hindu Chaplain, Swami Sarvagatananda

1997 - Dharma is founded. The organization’s first co-presidents are Maneesh R. Amancharla '99 and Rohin T. Malhotra '98. Dharma’s meetings are held in the Adams House Upper Common Room. (Read more)

1997 - First Diwali celebration

1999 - Swami Tyagananda, Harvard’s current Hindu Chaplain, succeeds Swami Sarvagatananda

2004 - First Diwali in Lowell House Faculty Deans’ Residence with Diana and Dorothy. Dharma settles on this location after outgrowing Dunster common rooms and the Eliot Junior Common Room. (Read more)

2006 - Hungama is held in MAC gym (Read more)

2006 - Prayer Space opens, speech by Kumar S. Nochur, President of the Ashland Sri Lakshmi temple

2006 - First Holi celebration (Read more)

2013 - Dharma organizes a mock Same-Sex Hindu Wedding for Visitas, the year before the landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage (Read more)

2017 - Dharma hosts Hungama in Adams Dining Hall and Diwali in the Mather Deans' Residence while Lowell is under construction