Harvard's Hindu Students' Association

Mission Statement

Dharma provides space for members of the Harvard community to celebrate Hindu festivals, to learn and practice Hindu values and traditions, and to discuss the South Asian and Hindu experience. Central to Dharma’s mission is the Hindu belief that there are many paths toward spiritual growth and fulfillment. This ideal is reflected especially in the inclusive nature of Dharma’s community and social events.

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Welcome to Harvard Dharma, 2022-2023!

Weekly Meetings

Dharma’s weekly meeting consists of two components. The first is a traditional aarti. Aarti is a Hindu ritual whose name derives from the Sanskrit word ārātrika, meaning that which removes darkness. Our aartis are meant to give anyone and everyone a moment of illuminative reflection, whether as a prayer or a regular practice of mindfulness. The second component of Dharma’s weekly meeting is an activity or discussion which engages cultural, religious, and sociopolitical questions facing those identifying with the South Asian-, Hindu-, and student-experiences.

Prayer Space

Dharma maintains a Hindu Prayer Space in the basement of Canaday B in Harvard Yard. The Prayer Space is open to all members of the Harvard Community. Please email harvarddharma@gmail.com for access.