anjali chandra


Hometown: Chattanooga,Tennessee

Concentration: Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology

Interests: Cooking, Reading Sad Books, Pursuing Meaning

Fun Fact: I'm a straight shooter.

Favorite Thing About Dharma: Everyone is welcome regardless of spiritual/religious background.

Favorite Dharma Memory: Antakshari at Freshman Parents Weekend



Hometown: Irvine, CA

Concentration: Computer Science

Interests: Reading, Carnatic Flute

Fun Fact: I had to get nine stitches in my thumb after I fell on my own skate while ice skating.

Favorite Thing About Dharma: Every member is unconditionally accepted to the community.

Favorite Dharma Memory: Kushi Mallikarjun dancing.



Hometown: Washington, DC

Concentration: Computer Science

Interests: Varun Jain, AI, Bollywood, transportation

Fun Fact: I have 2.5 fake teeth!

Favorite Thing About Dharma: The wonderful community :)

Favorite Dharma Memory: Board retreat!!



SAThVIK Sudireddy

Co-Social Chair

Hometown: Andover, MA

Concentration: Computer Science with a secondary field in Economics

Interests: Video Games, Fantasy/Mythology, Politics, Hinduism, Marvel Superheroes, etc

Fun Fact: A monkey once stole my watermelon while I was eating breakfast in India

Favorite Thing About Dharma: Dharma is a more than a club; it's a family away from home and the bonds that are created within Dharma will last a lifetime

Favorite Dharma Memory: Spring Retreat at my house!


Co-Social Chair

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Concentration: Computer Science; secondary in Global Health and Health Policy

Interests: Dancing, watching movies, talking

Fun Fact: Bill Gates went to my elementary school for a few years... before transferring :(

Favorite Thing About Dharma: Upperclassmen pampering freshmen who turn into upperclassmen pampering freshmen

Favorite Dharma Memory: Setting up lights at Diwali 2017 while listening to Rahman music

alaisha sharma


Hometown: Mountain View, CA

Concentration: Computer Science

Interests: Dance, music, calligraphy, bio-inspired design

Fun Fact: I once tasted a hot sauce that was so spicy I had to sign a liability form to try it (most painful 5 minutes of my life).

Favorite Thing About Dharma: What I love about Dharma is that I always feel not only included, but like I belong there.

Favorite Dharma Memory: So hard to pick! But I have to say one of my favorites was the gluttony fest of apple and M&M pancakes (courtesy of Gopal) that we had during a Hungama committee meeting on a Sunday morning.

sahana bail


Hometown: Norwell, MA

Concentration: Neurobiology

Interests: Drawing and Painting

Fun Fact: I summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa!

Favorite Thing About Dharma: My favorite thing about Dharma is its inclusive and warm community.

Favorite Dharma Memory: My favorite Dharma memory is listening to students share personal memories during the Diwali puja.

neel mehta


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Concentration: Computer Science

Interests: Skateboarding, baseball, writing, tech, politics, travel, history

Fun Fact: I have a strange skill: if I hear a skateboard rolling down the sidewalk, I can predict the skateboard's exact size, shape, and wheel type.

Favorite Thing About Dharma: The incredible community that helped me meet mentors older than me, friends my age, and proteges younger than me!

Favorite Dharma Memory: When we realized we had $200+ of extra BoardPlus at the end of the school year and went to Dunster Grille to eat plates and plates of waffle fries, quesadillas, milkshakes, etc. It was an amazing bonding experience!


Co-Discussion Chair

Shreya Menon

Co-Worship Chair, Co-Discussion Chair

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Concentration: Mathematics

Interests: Books, baked goods and classical music

Fun Fact: I've stood on two different hemispheres at the same time

Favorite Thing About Dharma: I love Dharma's community. Everyone is so welcoming and warm.

Favorite Dharma Memory: Secret Krishna!

Suruchi Ramanujan

Co-Worship Chair

Hometown: Overland Park, KS

Concentration: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Interests: drawing, tennis, occasionally running, using all of my money on pumpkin pie and chai, binge-watching Jane the Virgin and The Mindy Project

Fun Fact: In 9th grade, I went to an Imagine Dragons concert and shut my ears over 50% of the time (because it was too loud, not because they were bad).

Favorite Thing About Dharma: The people in Dharma are some of my closest friends so it's always a lot of fun spending time with everyone, whether that be listening to bhajans in the prayer space at 12 p.m. or stress-eating (and studying of course) in the library at 12 a.m.

Favorite Dharma Memory: Freshman year retreat- my first time experiencing Antaakshari

upperclass reps

Ivraj Seerha

Hometown: Middleton, Wisconsin

Concentration: Folklore and Mythology

Interests: Reading, listening to podcasts.

Fun Fact: My favorite season is winter. Because everything is dead.

Favorite Thing About Dharma: The prayer space is double carpeted. We almost got fuzzy carpets, but we didn't :/. Oh yeah, the people are ok.

Favorite Dharma Memory: Gopal


Hometown: Siraha,Nepal

Concentration: Applied Math-Economics

Interests: Ping pong, South Asian a cappella, Indian food

Fun Fact: I can speak five languages

Favorite Thing About Dharma: The people! I can be myself around them.

Favorite Dharma Memory: 2017 Spring Board Retreat

Amrita Mohanty

Hometown: Woodbury, MN

Concentration: Economics

Interests: Baking, Traveling and English Premiere League Soccer

Fun Fact: I have sat on Bollywood star Rekha's lap.

Favorite Thing About Dharma: The community <3

Favorite Dharma Memory: Hungama! I'm a bad dancer but in that moment... didn't matter.


Hometown: Edison, New Jersey

Concentration: East Asian Studies, Secondary Field in Economics

Interests: Learning languages, trying spicy food, the NBA, emerging technologies

Fun Fact: I'm young, scrappy, and hungry, and I'm not throwing away my shot!

Favorite Thing About Dharma: Community dinners every Friday Favorite Dharma Memory: Celebrating Diwali in 2016 in the Lowell Faculty Deans' residence.


Hometown:Syosset, NY

Concentration: Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology

Interests: attending events @the Institute of Politics, watching SNL videos, and troubleshooting lab experiments

Fun Fact: Last summer, I climbed Mt. Fuji overnight to watch sunrise!

Favorite Thing About Dharma: The diverse, welcoming community that forms a family on campus <3

Favorite Dharma Memory: Attending the Mock Hindu-Muslim Wedding from Visitas (2016)

Frosh reps


Hometown: Modesto, California

Concentration: Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology

Interests: Music, Traveling, Research, Dance

Fun Fact: I have a black belt in taekwondo.

Favorite Thing About Dharma: The welcoming and family-like atmosphere

Favorite Dharma Memory: When we set up for and enjoyed the incredible Diwali event


Hometown: Andover, MA

Concentration: Economics

Interests: Dance, Gymnastics, Healthcare

Fun Fact: I'm obsessed with the sport of gymnastics and the Olympics

Favorite Thing About Dharma: I love the people and the family Dharma creates for everyone

Favorite Dharma Memory: The temple trip! It was a super fun way to kick off my first reading/finals period. :)


Hometown: Edgewater, NJ

Concentration: Integrative Biology

Interests: Napping, reading science-fiction, being a part of Harvard University Women in Business and Harvard Project for Asian International Relations

Fun Fact: I can (kinda) tap-dance!

Favorite Thing About Dharma: The awesome people :)

Favorite Dharma Memory: Running around in the rain for the frosh initiation scavenger hunt and then eating delicious food after.


Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Concentration: Neurobiology

Interests: Dance, music, and old movies

Fun Fact: On a good day I can do impressions of Stitch and WALL-E.

Favorite Thing About Dharma: All the lovely Dharmadillos <3

Favorite Dharma Memory: Secret Krishna!

divya vatsa

Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, MI

Concentration: Computer Science

Interests: Dancing, graphics design, and gender equality advocacy

Fun Fact: I am almost legally blind!

Favorite Thing About Dharma: Dharma has been such a wonderful community on campus. My favorite thing about Dharma is that the group has been an extremely supportive source of laughter, comfort, and bonding over shared cultural experiences. In the midst of all the happenings of college life, I know I can always turn to fellow Dharma members for support.

Favorite Dharma Memory: This year's Diwali celebration was such a vibrant memory from fall semester. Singing bhajans, eating wonderful food, and celebrating with everyone was so much fun!


Hometown: Tucson, Arizona

Concentration: Government (with a secondary in English or South Asian Studies)

Interests: Mock Trial, Institute of Politics (Fellows and Study Groups, Harvard Political Review, CIVICS, Women's Initiative in Leadership), PBHA Service to Society Freshmen Council, Public Speaking, Writing

Fun Fact: I was born in London and when I first started talking, I had a British accent.

Favorite Thing About Dharma: I love how close-knit our Dharma family is as a whole, and especially enjoy how close the freshmen are this year!

Favorite Dharma Memory: Diwali 2017 puja at the Mahadevans' house.


Hometown: New Hyde Park, NY

Concentration: Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology

Interests: Dancing, Playing Tennis, Reading, Swimming, Sleeping

Fun Fact: I have been to the Amazon and swam with pink dolphins, and held a sloth-sloths are now my favorite animal.

Favorite Thing About Dharma: It is a great community of amazing and supportive people, who never fail to make me laugh.

Favorite Dharma Memory: Getting an initiation samosa delivered to my dorm the first week of school was so cute and made me feel at home.


Hometown: Hannibal, MO

Concentration: Religion and Comparative Literature

Interests: Books, travel, music, ice cream

Fun Fact: I love tall socks.

Favorite Thing About Dharma: The community!

Favorite Dharma Memory: Late night walks to the prayer space


Hometown: Scarsdale, NY

Concentration: Environmental Science and Public Policy

Interests: Tabla, Sports, Geography, Star Wars, LOTR

Fun Fact: I used to be (and still sort of am) obsessed with islands

Favorite Thing About Dharma: The family

Favorite Dharma Memory: Hungama!

Swathi SRinivasan

Hometown: Beachwood, Ohio (okay so Cleveland pretty much)

Concentration: ??Undecided??

Interests: Global development, cross sections between the arts and social innovation, neuroscience, anthropology, humanitarian crises response, marine science, geology, photography, dance, fashion design

Fun Fact: I sat next to Josh Peck in the airport once and he asked where I was going to college. I said MIT. (That last part is a joke....I said Yale.) Still kidding, I bleed Crimson because technically we all do, and if we didn't, I'd be afraid for the human race.

Favorite Thing About Dharma: Not even cliche when I say 'the people'. Truly gems, each and every one, and I mean that without an inch of doubt.

Favorite Dharma Memory: Honestly all Friday afternoon pujas are unbelievably calming and homey, and I'll remember them for years to come.


Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Concentration: Applied Mathematics

Interests: Baking, Reading, Hiking, Traveling

Fun Fact: I have dislocated my shoulder five times.

Favorite Thing About Dharma: The sense of community

Favorite Dharma Memory: Hungama—seeing Gopal masterfully maneuver dozens of people to finish both set-up and clean-up in a timely manner was incredible. He is truly a God.


Hometown: Newton, MA

Concentration: Biomedical Engineering

Interests: Tennis, Carnatic Violin, Superhero Movies

Fun Fact: I rode a motorcycle to school in the spring of my sophomore year because I was too young to get a driver's license.

Favorite Thing About Dharma: The tightness of community around a unique identity defined by a balance of spirituality, culture, reflection, and acceptance.

Favorite Dharma Memory: Throwing flowers into the Charles after Diwali 2017 and helping Nina Srivastava "clean-up" afterwards by taking home two large tubs of rasam which served as my daily afternoon refreshment for a week and a half.


Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Concentration: Undecided

Interests: Dance, Photography

Fun Fact: At one point I was the state champion in Grey's Anatomy trivia on Quizup

Favorite Thing About Dharma: The community and how it makes Harvard feel like a home away from home.

Favorite Dharma Memory: Diwali