Menaka Narayanan


Hometown: Seattle, WA

Concentration: Computer Science; Global Health and Health Policy Secondary

House: Lowell

Fun Fact: Bill Gates went to my elementary school for a few years... before transferring :(

Favorite Dharma Memory: Spending an entire afternoon making food with friends for sophomore appreciation dinner!

Shreya Menon


Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Concentration: Mathematics

Interests: Books, baked goods and classical music

Fun Fact: I've stood on two different hemispheres at the same time

Favorite Thing About Dharma: I love Dharma's community. Everyone is so welcoming and warm.

Favorite Dharma Memory: Secret Krishna!

SAThVIK Sudireddy


Hometown: Andover, MA

Concentration: Computer Science with a secondary field in Economics

House: Lowell

Fun Fact: I got to work on Call of Duty last summer!

Favorite Dharma Memory: Spring retreats at my house

Shivam bhatt


Hometown: Edison, NJ

Concentration: East Asian Studies, Secondary in Economics

House: Winthrop

Fun Fact: Like Harry Potter, I too have a scar on my forehead, coincidentally from when I was a baby as well.

Favorite Dharma Memory: Our most recent Hungama in the new Smith Center.

Dhruv Mohnot

Community Outreach Chair

Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Concentration: Applied Math

House: Mather

Fun Fact: I have gone through five umbrellas in my limited time here. Two have broken, and three have been lost. I am currently on my sixth and seventh (I keep two at any given time now to accommodate for my umbrella luck).

Favorite Dharma Memory: My favorite Dharma Memory is probably Diwali last year. It was held in Mather House (Best House), and it was so amazing to see so many people come together to celebrate my favorite holiday. I also really enjoyed setting up with other Dharma members (i.e. arranging sweets with Sumhith, putting up lights with Sathvik, Menaka, and Devin, and peeking on cooking done by all the seniors). It was such an incredible time.

Braeden foldenauer

Community Outreach Chair

Hometown: Southaven, MS

Concentration: Government (Secondary in Educational Studies)

House: Quincy

Fun Fact: I watch way too much sketch comedy, and my pride-and-joy is managing my bumping Spotify playlist!

Favorite Dharma Memory: Getting to know everyone during Hungama 2017 and finding amazing support in the Dharma community!

Suruchi Ramanujan

Cultural Chair

Hometown: Overland Park, KS

Concentration: Molecular and Cellular Biology

House: Quincy (but excessively proud ex-Greenough resident)

Fun Fact: I have lived in the same house my entire life.

Favorite Dharma Memory: Sathvik.

Ivraj seerha

Esteemed Tech Chair

Hometown: Madison, WI

Concentration: Hist and Lit

House: Lowell

Fun Fact: "The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear." - Krishnamurti

Favorite Dharma Memory: Gopal


Esteemed Tech Chair

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Concentration: Computer Science

House: Pforzheimer

Fun Fact: I had to get nine stitches in my thumb after I fell on my own skate while ice skating.

Favorite Dharma Memory: Ivraj

alaisha sharma

Discussion Chair

Hometown: Mountain View, CA

Concentration: Computer Science

House: Kirkland

Fun Fact: I can play the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song on the piano! :D

Favorite Dharma Memory: How do I pick?!?! Hungama, Navaratri puja, impromptu coup nights, hanging out in Menaka's room and eating all her M&M's... but one of my all time favorites has to be right after Holi last year when DBoard was left hanging out on the lawn, and we made our traditional disastrous human pyramid, and everyone just dancing dancing dancing, even on the shuttle! (I will never forget the driver's face haha)

Mit Patel

Discussion Chair

Hometown: Bohemia, NY

Concentration: Molecular and Cellular Biology

House: Quincy

Fun Fact: I enjoy long walks on the beach

Favorite Dharma Memory: Hungama 2018

Setu Mehta

Programming Chair

Hometown: New Hyde Park, NY

Concentration: Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology

House: Lowell

Fun Fact: I have been dancing Kathak, a form of Indian Classical Dance, for more than 10 years!

Favorite Dharma Memory: I love Hungama. It is an amazingly energetic time that is filled with dancing, friends, good food, and smiles. :)

Keshav rastogi

Programming Chair

Hometown: Scarsdale, NY

Concentration: Economics

House: Quincy

Fun Fact: Geography nerd- I can spend hours and hours looking at a road map.

Favorite Dharma Memory: Hungama 2018!

Dhweeja dasarathy

Publicity Chair

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Concentration: Molecular and Cellular Biology

House: Adams

Fun Fact: I can eat multiple bags of flaming hot cheetos in one sitting? :)

Favorite Dharma Memory: This year's Hungama! There were so many people and so much hype and just all around such a wonderful time.

Shivani aggarawal

Social Chair

Hometown: Edgewater, NJ

Concentration: Integrative Biology

House: Winthrop

Fun Fact: I can (kinda) tap dance!

Favorite Dharma Memory: All of them!? Hungama 2018 was really special--it was so exciting to see this event evolve and grow from last year. Plus garba, raas, bhangra, & bollywood is an unbeatable combo!!

Shivani Thakur

Social Chair

Hometown: Modesto, CA

Concentration: Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology

House: Adams

Fun Fact: I have a black belt in taekwondo

Favorite Dharma Memory: Playing kabbadi at the pre-Holi celebrations and winning against Dean Khurana

Siva emani

Worship Chair

Hometown: Newton, MA

Concentration: Biomedical Engineering

House: Eliot

Fun Fact: When I was young, I used to be scared that someone would break into our apartment when we were asleep (despite the fact that our building had a security guard and swipe access system), so my dad would only be able to convince me to go to sleep by putting a big yellow plastic baseball bat next to my bed, and have me practice swinging it before I went to bed every night.

Favorite Dharma Memory: Temple Run: Dharma 2018 Edition. Went to the Temple to pray deliberately. Parked in a middle school athletic center after multiple failed parallel parking attempts. Ate 3x money's worth at lunch buffet, dad style. Saved Rushi Patel and Milan from contracting seven deadly plagues. Rolled down a hill en masse. Good times.

Pranati parikh

Worship Chair

Hometown: Hannibal, MO

Concentration: Religion and Comparative Literature

House: Adams

Fun Fact: I wholeheartedly believe ice cream is a nutritious meal

Favorite Dharma Memory: CS50 help from a surprisingly large subset of Dharma family late at night (early in the morning?) in Lowell dining hall, which entails getting Sathvik an everything bagel, having Dhruv and Alaisha explain concepts using paper napkins, having Milan walk over and change a single exclamation mark and getting functional code, and getting a hug from Menaka, and thereby noticing that stationed around the dhall are literal pockets of love and support, and that community looks great on a giant groupme but if you want to see it alive you can ask Dharma fam for help and at least ten people will be there for you

Amrita mohanty

Diversity & Inclusion Chair

Hometown: Woodbury, MN

Concentration: Economics

House: Cabot

Fun Fact: I have sat on Bollywood star Rekha's lap

Favorite Dharma Memory: Hungama! I'm a bad dancer but in that moment... it didn't matter.

upperclass reps


Upperclassman Rep

Hometown: Northern Virginia

Concentration: Computer Science & Government

House: Lowell

Fun Fact: I have 2.5 fake teeth!

Favorite Dharma Memory: Spontaneous hangouts with friends and Hungamas :)

Sumhith veda aradhyula

Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Concentration: Statistics and South Asian Studies (Joint)

House: Lowell House Best House

Fun Fact: Class of 2020 contains the cream of Harvard's kabaddi-crop

Favorite Dharma Memory: Informal hike at Middlesex Fells Reservation with Dharma peeps


Hometown: Siraha,Nepal

Concentration: Applied Math-Economics

House: Quincy

Fun Fact: I have lived in residential dorms since 5th grade.

Favorite Dharma Memory: Board Retreat (Spring 2017)

Apurva Kanneganti

Hometown: Germantown, TN (aka Memphis!)

Concentration: Chemical and Physical Biology, with a Secondary in History of Science

House: Dunster

Fun Fact: When I was five years old, I ran away from home (because I broke a glass plate oops) and spent a few hours chilling in a corn field near my house (Ohio, what can I say). I ended up getting really hungry though so I went back home soon afterwards XD

Favorite Dharma Memory: Anthakshari my freshman year at Board Retreat!!

Frosh reps

Anagha Kumar

Hometown: Hopkinton, MA

Concentration: Neuroscience

Dorm: Straus

Fun Fact: I know too many of Deepika Padukone’s dialogues from Chennai Express.

Favorite Dharma Memory: Learning curtain call from last year’d Ghungroo during Frosh Rep initiation in front of the Ag.

Dhwani bharvad

Hometown: Secaucus, NJ

Concentration: Women and Gender Studies/History of Science

Dorm: Canaday

Fun Fact: I once had to do CPR on someone!

Favorite Dharma Memory: Board Initiation

Mini GAnesh

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Concentration: Undeclared

Dorm: Mower

Fun Fact: I am getting SCUBA certified! Really want to swim with whale sharks

Favorite Dharma Memory: Visitas!! Everyone made me feel like family even tho I knew them for less than 60 min