Research Scientist (Siemens) | 8+ Years Experience | PhD Scholar (University of Munich, LMU) Germany

Deep Learning | Machine Learning | Natural Language Processing (NLP) | Research-cum-Applications

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Research Scholar @CIS University of Munich (LMU), GermanyResearch Scientist @Siemens AG, Munich


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Professional Hands-on (8.5+ years)Research (4.5+ years)

Research Interest

NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSINGInformation Extraction, Entity-Relation Extraction, Static and Dynamic Topic Modeling, Representation Learning, Semantic Textual Similarity, Document Layout Analysis, etc.
MACHINE LEARNINGDeep Learning, Recurrent Neural Networks, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Unsupervised Representation Learning, Semi-supervised Bootstrapping, Transfer and Domain learning, Lifelong Learning, Multi-tasking, Explainable AI, etc.
ACTIVE RESEARCHRelation Extraction, Topic Modeling, Representation Learning.


Mr. Pankaj Gupta is a final-year PhD scholar in Computer Science / Computational Linguistics advised by Prof. Hinrich Schütze at University of Munich (LMU), Germany. Additionally, he is working as Research Scientist in an exciting Research Group Machine Intelligence with Dr. Ulli Waltinger at Siemens AG, Munich Germany, where Pankaj leads AI-driven NLP and applies his research outcomes into challenging industrial applications. Mr. Gupta also offers lectures about "Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence" at LMU. During Oct 2016-Jan 2017, he did a PhD research internship at IBM Research Zurich with Dr. Angela Fahrni and Dr. Abdel Labbi.

Pankaj Gupta earned Masters (Computer Science) with Distinction from Technical University of Munich, Germany in Nov 2015. His Master thesis titled: "Deep Learning Methods for the Extraction of Relations in Natural Language Text " was supervised by Prof. Thomas Runkler, Dr. Heike Adel, Dr. Bernt Andrassy, Dr. Hans-Georg Zimmermann, and Prof. Hinrich Schütze. Before coming to Munich, he worked with Wipro and Aricent Technologies, India as Senior Software Developer (C programmer) during 2010-2013. In 2010, he obtained Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology with Distinction from Amity University, Noida India. His Bachelor thesis is "Summarizing text by ranking text units according to shallow linguistic features".

Pankaj Gupta is particularly interested in Deep learning methods to challenge Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks, such as information extraction, entity-relation extraction, topic modeling, representation learning, semantic textual similarity, etc. Towards NLP progress, Mr. Gupta likes building neural computational models, for instance, composite neural language models at the intersection of the probabilistic graphical models and deep learning techniques, especially in unsupervised learning paradigm. In doing so, he aims at improving language representations by the fusion of global and local semantics, respectively using neural topic and language models in the realms of transfer as well as lifelong (or never-ending) learning settings. The explainable AI for analysing and interpreting neural networks for natural language tasks is one of his ongoing explorations.

Pankaj Gupta actively contributes in NLP and machine learning conferences and have peer-reviewed publications in the top tier conferences, such as AAAI, ICLR, NAACL, EMNLP, COLING, etc. He has served as program committee (PC) member for several conferences, for instance, ACL, EMNLP, etc. If interested, please checkout his talks and lectures here.

Pankaj Gupta often looks for good master and PhD students in research and applications. If interested in working student, inter-disciplinary project, master thesis, intern or PhD position, please write him.

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